The Many Faces of God

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The Many Faces of God

All cultures and races have some form of conformed religion that they believe and follow. A “good book” that they preach and refer to, read from and follow based on their interpretation of what is written. Yet they all have certain facts in common, just told in different ways. Take heaven for example; it is referred to by different names depending on your religion, yet in the end, it is the same place. You first die and then travel to a place where you will be with your god of choice to live your afterlife in a form of bliss and forgiveness. Hell, also known differently depending on your belief system, yet is the same place. A place with an evil master who wears many faces and goes by many names. A place where in the afterlife you live in neverending chaos and mayhem. The most important fact of all religions is the referral to their god making us in his/her own image. With free will and the ability to make choices regardless if they are good or bad.

If you stop and really think about it, in the end, we reach the exact same place but are greeted by our own reflection to bring an essence of peace and belonging. These religion-based wars are insignificant in the end if we reach the same goal afterlife as we know it comes to an end. Making it so there are no wrong or right religion, but just a cultural belief system that comforts a person into the endgame of life itself.

It is a known fact that in all religions there is some form of reference to abuse, mutilation, sacrifice and someone straying from the path laid out. We see it every day that no religion is sin free. All religions hide facts of abuse and sexual abuse, mutilations and genital mutilations, suicide pacts interpreted as a religious sacrifice. All are quick to judge and point fingers of the different belief systems, yet when it comes down to the actual fundamental facts of it all, they are exactly the same sins under a different name, just as the different face of the reflection seen as  god.

Condemning countries and people for the religion they follow is actually condemning yourself. For in the end if we all were made in the image reflected by god, given the same gifts to choose, given the different paths to follow, just to end in the same place, then what does it really matter how we get there?

K. Waters
Writer, Blogger, Mother

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