Ready Player One, What A Movie!

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I finally saw the latest movie by Steven Spielberg, Ready Player One, just as expected it was full of awesome special effects and relatable content. All gamers must have loved this movie, but more so the old school gamers from way back like me. Those of us who played Atari but couldn’t afford every game, so you would make a plan with your friends, who would buy which game as they came out, then trading off so you each had a chance to play and master all of them.

Best about your system of game trade, was no fighting over who plays first because if it was your turn to buy, you always got to go first, and next to buy goes second. As if it ever really mattered because 9 times out of 10 you were all gathered together to help cheer, advise, and of course, laugh because you jumped instead of ducked and had to start over.

The scary part of this movie is how close to reality it is. The social aspect it focuses in on is the exact path we are traveling down. 2018 we text or tweet instead of actually talking on the phone. Online dating is reality and Face-timing is about as close as a person gets to actual dating during a busy work week. People even fall in love with someone who’s avatar rocks in your favorite online game. So it is not that far off to believe in 2040 everyone will be walking around in reality gamer goggles. Okay, with the industry the way it is going, it will be eyeglasses or contacts.

The second reality check I had because this movie was when I realized I became my parents. I remember going in the car and they would pop in their favorite 8 track and sing to Roy Orbison or the Monkeys. Then when the movie Saturday Night Fever (also referenced in this movie) hit and Disco Fever began, my parents upgraded to cassette and the soundtrack was all they played, sang to, and on occasion got drunk and tried to dance to it.

So there I was, tapping my toes to the soundtracks in the movie. Tapping my toes to Hall and Oats and of course The Bee Gees. Singing to Van Halen’s song Jump and humming to others. Grandkids laughing at me like an alien took over my mind. The only thing missing was a drink in my hand and me trying to disco. The funny part of this whole thing was all the songs played in the movie were never really my favorites because the radio killed them all or my parents did.

It is true what they say, the older you get, the more memories mean something.

K. Waters
Writer, Blogger, Mother
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