Can We Continue to Ignore This Threat in Space

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Can We Continue to Ignore This Threat in Space

I actually can say “I have been telling you so” for a very long time and I do not feel at all bad to say so. Russia and Putin have been the main talking point with me in conversations with my family and friends, fellow bloggers, readers and twitter followers. For years many have laughed at me and argued that we will not have any problems with Russia again in my lifetime, and yet I continued to caution about keeping an eye on them because Putin likes to hide in plain sight. His vision to rebuild Russia to its former glory has always been his plan, and he has never hidden, denied, nor swayed from the ultimate goal. So it should not come as a surprise we are about to enter a new space race with Russia, and yet it does.

Putin has always played the long game, and nobody paid much attention to all the warning signs and red flags that popped up along the way, leading to this new space race.

Even in Russia, you do not assassinate retired spies, politicians, or even those who are considered part of the elite or ex-brass if you do not have something big to hide. Especially in a world of the internet and openness claimed to be shared with the superpowers. You would expect defectors to be a danger in the past 40 years, but in 2018 it has to be a pretty big secret to risk falling out from the United Nations to openly commit assassinations on those who were thought to no longer be working in government or military positions. Yet in the last 10 years assassinations have happened and were chalked up as random unconnected isolated incidents. With Isis creating a distraction on such a grand scale, it was easy for Russia to hide right under the noses of the world around them.

Those in power dropped the ball and allowed them to proceed with working on ways to weaponize space. No nukes needed, just a few well placed special satellites and we become weakened, vulnerable and back to an analog era.

Take North Korea, an ally of Russia, and Kim Jong Un distracts the world with threats of nukes and war. United Nations begs for Putin to convince the N.K. To stand down. While all eyes are on the North Korean threat, Russia is at the end game of taking over Space. Then North Korea suddenly plays nice and shakes hands with the court jester known only as Donald Trump and Russia launches the ultimate bigger and better possible weapon dubbed  “Nesting (doll) Satellite.”  What should come as a surprise to the public is this satellite was not just launched but was actually launched back in late October / November of 2017. It is coming to light, because it has been showing erratic behavior and Russia was finally ready to test how it comes apart just like a Russian nesting doll, hence the name.

Russia claims the New satellite is not weaponized. But Putin also did not hesitate back in March, to comment on developments of weapons in space as he was unveiling a mobile laser system that could shoot down satellites.

Now ask yourself, What does China have to say about this now public unveiling of the “new space race?” Well, comes as no surprise to some, but they already knew about it. In fact, China has been working with Russia on sophisticated “on-orbital” activities allowing them the capabilities to maneuver their satellites in very close proximity to other countries satellites and present new dangers to their systems in space. They also have been working on what is called hypersonic missiles that can fly at extremely fast speeds and can evade detection of the missile-defense radars. China has already said they have had a successful test only weeks ago. How far have we really fallen?

With the Space programs no longer seen as a priority or profitable, it was ended and privatized. Will it be re-opened and substantially funded so it can play catch-up? Rumour has it, the budget was allowing re-funding for space in 2020, begs to question how long has the government really known of the possible threat and why have they not acted sooner to protect us from it.

My personal concern is we have already damaged our world, do we really want to damage the space around it too?

K. Waters
Writer, Blogger, Mother
[email protected]


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