2008 Economic Crash Revisited

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2008 Economic Crash Revisited

Back when George W. Bush was president the heist began. Under Obama, the heist went into warp speed. Now with Trump, the Banksters still go unchallenged. There were those of us that stood on the mountaintops with bullhorns trying to get people to understand they were in the middle of a robbery back in 2008-2009. A full-blown heist involving the Federal Reserve started in 2008 and still no real public understanding of what has happened here. The scale of what was stolen here dwarfs all previous heists known to mankind in history:

The Antwerp Diamond Heist
The Banco Central Burglary
The Knightsbridge Security Deposit Robbery
The Harry Winston Heist
The Baker Street Burglary
The Central Bank Of Iraq Heist
The Gardner Museum Art Heist
The Great Brinks Robbery
The Agricultural Bank of China Robbery
The Great Train Robbery

All of these heists combined don’t even come close to what has happened here in America with the economic crash. The scary part of this uneasy ignorance regarding this heist is when it comes to the public understanding of this and how people don’t apperceive that in time, we still have not recovered fully as a nation. Just go look into the real estate market of the suburbs of Las Vegas and ask yourself whether or not we are completely healed from the crash. What is important here is the fact that is doesn’t matter what political party you come from or what your views are about anything at all. The sheer mathematics of this is King and is unsustainable.

I think the word unsustainable is misunderstood and underscores the seriousness of our situation. We have a scenario here in which the Federal Reserve and a handful of people in the banking system made a grab for more money than anyone could ever possibly understand. More money than could ever be paid back. More debt than there are people to pay it. With that said, it only applies to the money actually put on the balance sheets of the Federal Reserve. The off-balance sheet raid on the Fed is something so big that at this point it would take every single dollar made by America in every way collectively for four or five years to pay back. Now the Fed is talking about four rate hikes in 2018 to raise interests rates.

Do you understand that? They can’t even tell us where the money went with the Obama stimulus. Massive amounts of money are still uncounted for today. Even the Fed refuses to identify the recipients of most of it from this period. No one is following the money. No one is watching the till. They are bankrupting the greatest nation and economy that the world has ever seen. What are you going to do when the US Dollar collapses and the economic system crashes to the ground? Every dollar you own will be worthless. It won’t matter if it is in your bank or under your mattress. It will be worthless. How will you eat? How will you pay your bills? What are you going to do when it all comes apart? The Republicans are in charge and they are spending more money than Obama. This situation is completely out of control.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
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