Revamped TV, A Thing of the Past

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Well, you all heard of piggy banks, what about a TV bank?

1. Take your old televisions and remove the guts. Then add either your favorite old picture/or a new one. If you would like to see your money grow on TV. then insert a piece of plexiglass or strong clear plastic. Attach where the glass part used to be, attach it firmly, tape, glue, staple gun (depends on plastic or wood).

2. Cut a small slit in the top, big enough to drop all coins and bills.

3. Replace back of the television and drop loose change in to watch your money grow.

If you have an old television set lying around the house don’t throw it away. Make a fish tank out of it and save some money in the process

Remember beta-max when it was the new electronic on the market?

Hook up your old beta max and take your family and friends down the road of the past. Keep it as a showpiece hooked up to that old television set and show off it as your first antique set.

Or sell television and beta-max on E-Bay and make a profit. Collectors love things especially if they come as a set.

The kids fighting? Will not do their homework. Maybe they broke your favorite vase or played Frisbee with your Cd’s.

Hook your old TV up to an old video player, set their chair in front of it and make them watch 2 hours of taped versions of The Ed Sullivan Show, a few hours of “Tiny Bubbles” in black and white, AND threaten to never let them see the flat screen again. Bet you’ll end up with kids that listen. If all else fails, snuggle with the spouse and have a good laugh at the old television.

I am sure if you surf the net you can find so much more to do with that old television set.

Once again we are finding old television sets filling the landfills and this time there is no revamp, reuse or recycle. Unless you have room for more picture frames. Flat screens are here to stay.

We rejoiced in how efficient and ingenious the idea of having a television that can hang on a wall and are no longer bulky or heavy. The wonderful color and sound, computer friendly and now they are even voice controlled. Nobody stopped to think what do we do when they die a sudden death because the motherboard blew. We all know it is cheaper to buy new than have anything replaced. At least with tube TV, it was as simple as changing a tube, a fuse, or a $ 3.50 button.

I love modern technologies and convenience items, it is just too bad the inventors didn’t come up with a convenient greener and environmentally friendly way to dispose of the items as well.

K. Waters
Writer, Blogger, Mother
[email protected]

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