Press Does Not Ask A Single Question About Snowden

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Apparently, everyone has forgotten Edward Snowden. With a chance to ask about Snowden, the press stayed silent on the subject. They could have asked Putin whether Snowden can come back to America with President Trump. They could have asked him why is he harboring Snowden and other questions on this subject. I see Snowden as a hero, so that is my viewpoint.

Our government was doing all of this stuff behind our backs and we would have never known this without Snowden. Yet, Snowden does not get his day in court to defend himself. Our government canceled Snowden’s travel visa while he was in Russia. The intelligence community hates Snowden and calls him a traitor. But if they were serious about Snowden, they would have been pushing for his return after the summit. They said nothing and it can lead us to believe the intelligence community really does not want their dirty laundry to come to light in a court of law.

After the press conference, the press went batshit when President Trump held his ground on the Mueller Witch Hunt. They acted like our intelligence community is infallible. Whether it was weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, to all of their shady surveillance of Americans here at home, they are no angels. Yet the press acts if they can do no harm.

President Trump is asking a good question. How on Earth can the FBI say that the Russians hacked the DNC server when they never had their hands on it? That is a legitimate question. The press takes it as gospel that the Russians hacked the DNC, yet the DNC refused to turn it over. Another good question is how they can turn away the FBI in the first place. I mean, how many of us can do something like that? We know Edward Snowden can’t tell the feds to go away.

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