Populists Should Shun Trump

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If you are a populist and you believed in the message of Trump’s presidential campaign, then it is time to call a spade a spade. We were hoodwinked. President Trump is governing as a conservative. Now there are some things he departs from with conservatism, but very little. The man is governing like a strict conservative. It is one of the most heartbreaking things to face this axiom.

The Republican base of voters rejected sixteen conservatives in the primaries, yet somehow, we still land up with conservatism? After the economic crash of 2008, I gave up on conservatism. I used to believe in it, but after the crash, I saw that these ideas failed. That ideology has no place in the twenty-first century. Individualism could work in the Wild Wild West as we built this nation, but after the economic crash, millions of people could not just pack up there belongs and go west to start over. Conservatism can not work with over three-hundred-million people.

The people who are still supporting Trump, blindly do so. Just a cursory glance at what he is doing shows this was not what we voted for. At every single rally, President Trump points out that John McCain gave the thumbs down, killing Trump’s healthcare bill. However, that bill would have wiped out tens of millions of people. The bill knocked off over thirty million people from the healthcare roll and would have left them with no health care at all. During the campaign, Trump said that he would cover “everyone” with healthcare. He said he knew the Republicans would not like that, but he would do it anyway. He even said he’d cut a deal with all of the hospitals. I guess that is not going to happen, but some folks will get their Supreme Court.

C. Rich
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