McCain Holds On To Power To Last Breath

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The Republican Party that hangs on by a thread with a tiny majority has to deal with McCain’s inability to let go of power. The state of Arizona has half of its representation due to McCain’s refusal to retire. This is precisely the reason people hate politicians and calls for term limits still exist. McCain is not the first politician to refuse to let go of power, Ted Kennedy did it and many others too.

These people who believe they are entitled to power until their very last breath are collectively a stain on our country’s political system. John McCain is the latest incarnation of this perennial political addiction to power. Forget the fact that John McCain’s political career has been detrimental to our nation. Forget the fact that my entire adult life conservatives disliked this man. Forget that on policy and strictly on policy, McCain has been wrong on one subject after the other. The problem here is the man won’t go away.

Do you see anything wrong with this picture? Every time someone gives some critique, we are reminded of his time in the Hanoi Hilton. As grateful one is for that service to our nation, it simply does not give him the green light to stay in Congress until his very last breath. The man has brain cancer and that is horribly sad. However, look how the power of him sitting in Congress until he dies overpowers the sensibility of retiring and putting his affairs in order.

I have never ever been a fan of John McCain. I don’t like his personality and I vehemently reject his policy record. But more than all of that, it makes me sick to see these lifelong politicians go to Washington D.C. and never leave. It is time to bring back to the forefront and from the grassroots for term limits. It is time to bring that subject matter back and start talking about it again. It is the Baby Boomers that brought us the permanent political class like never before. Generation X needs to bring term limits to a reality and once and for all send these people back from where they came from after a reasonable time in the nation’s capital.

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