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I happened to find a page of an old newspaper from 1938, and these health cures were on It. With so many herbal and natural remedies making a comeback, I thought it would be Interesting to share these treasures that were practiced by many back in 1938.

CURE FOR EARACHE –Roast a small onion, take out the center when cooked; place in the ear and a flannel cloth around the head.

RHEUMATISM–Put 5 cents worth of turpentine; 5 cents worth of wine; 5 cents worth of camphor; 2 eggs; and enough vinegar to fill a one-quart bottle. Rub on sore muscles.

PREVENT A DOUBLE CHIN–Try to stand correctly; That is head up; your shoulders back. This attitude is not tiring and it prevents the formation of a double chin. To stoop over habitually is courting old age as well as ill-health; as it does not allow the various organs of the body a chance to function properly. It’s your duty to make the best of yourself so when your child brings their friends home they will feel a glow of pride. You will be repaid for any time or energy by the deepened respect increasing the influence over your children which every mother exerts whether she is conscious of it or not.

INSECT BITES–The yolk of an egg mixed to a paste with salt and applied to the bite will draw out the poison.

STEPPING ON A NAIL–.Put a shovel of red-hot coals in an old pail; Sprinkle a handful of brown sugar on the coals; Hold the foot in the smoke and it will draw out the pain and the poison.

INGROWING TOE NAIL.–For an ingrown toenail or sore toe of any kind; Split a raisin and take out the seeds and bind them on the toe; it acts like magic.

FROSTBITE—Rub together equal parts of lard and gunpowder; This will not only cure frost bites but chilblains as well.

WARTS—Apply the juice of the milkweed several times a day.

SPLINTERS—A splinter can be extracted without pain in this way; Nearly fill a wide-mouthed bottle with hot water; Place the injured part over the mouth and press tightly. The suction will draw the flesh down and in a minute or so the splinter will come out.

SLEEPLESSNESS—Try eating raw onions for supper.

NOSEBLEEDS—Try moving your jaw rapidly as by chewing gum. It should help stop it.

COLDS AND SORE MUSCLES—Mix one part mustard; Three parts flour; Baking soda. Mix mustard and flour. add tepid water to make a smooth paste. Add a pinch of soda and beat. Spread one to eight thick on soft cloth or gauze.

Leave on twenty minutes or until skin is well reddened. If mixed with white of egg instead of water there is less danger of burning.


K. Waters with help from my Mom – L. Cooper
Writer, Blogger, Mother, & Daughter
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