The Welcomed Return Of Steve Bannon

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Fresh off his successful campaign in Italy where Steve helped a populist get elected, he returned to the Sunday Morning Shows here in America. Steve went on ABC’s This Week for his first ever live show on Sunday and reminded all of us the agenda Trump was elected on. Steve would never say it, but there is a vast gulf between the populist agenda Trump ran on and his actual governance.

For those of us who supported and believed in the populist principles of the campaign, we have been horrified that President Trump has governed as a conservative. It really is worse than that, Trump has given conservatives in the Republican Party political organisms with all with what they want and got. So much so, that Mitch McConnell and others claim that 2017 was the best year in their political careers for conservatism.

The heartbreak is that is not what we voted for. He helped Trump take down sixteen conservatives in the Republican Primary only to be shocked to see Trump give conservatives way too much as president. Listening to Steve talk the talk about the principles of economic Nationalism and Populism makes me wish that Steve would step up and take the mantle of the Populist movement. Yes, Steve is more of a kingmaker behind the scenes, but man o man wouldn’t it be beautiful if we had him as president?

Steve’s understanding of how corrupt Washington D.C. really is reminds us that we have a long way to go draining the swamp. Steve Bannon is a true believer and the president needs to bring him back into the fold. Whatever forces lead to the ousting of Bannon, that is in the administration, are not our friends. When President Trump called him Sloppy Steve and said he was out of his mind, it cut through us populists like a sharp knife. I was sad to hear the president and Steve do not talk anymore. That is a huge mistake on the president’s part. Steve’s agenda was the only reason many of us supported Trump in the first place. Someone needs to remind the president of that.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
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