The Blazing Selfishness Of Jeff Sessions

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It is quite revealing watching Jeff Sessions stay in his job when he knows he is not wanted. The fact that Jeff won’t step down says more about Jeff Sessions than it does President Trump. It just seems like all Jeff cares about is Jeff. He knows the president does not want him there. He knows most people agree with the president, that Jeff had no right taking that job without telling the president he was going to recuse himself from the most important investigation in the department.

The reason why Jeff has not been fired is that the Senate told Trump that they would not vote for another Attorney General. So they are blackmailing the president and it comes from the Republican side of the Swamp. Jeff was part of that wave of bad choices Trump made at the very beginning of his administration. The man is not in sync with the people of this nation. He holds these dinosaur views on some of the most basic evolutions the nation has gone through. Jeff never evolved. His stunning and succinct ignorance of the subject of marijuana is actually breathtaking.

I think the president should can Jeff and take the hits over it. If the Senate won’t give him another AG, oh well. These threats from the Swamp led by Lindsey Graham need to be confronted. The fact that Jeff won’t bow out himself shows you his character. I say it is selfishness. The man should have some class and go home. But, we all know how that will go, Jeff will sit there every second in that job until the re-election. That is when President Trump can shake loose of this guy. It is a normal thing to have a turnover and a new team in the second term. Trump can get away with it then. But the fact that Trump has to be tortured by this little man under this congressional blackmail is hard to watch. Mr. President, it is time to show Jeff the door. He was a bad choice for many reasons.

C. Rich
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