Singapore Sound And Fury Signifying Nothing

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I crawled through every inch of what was accomplished in Singapore. I searched for a nugget of something America could hang their heads on. In the end, with everything said and done, President Trump got rolled. It is kind of embarrassing actually. What happened to the end of the Korean War? What happened to verifiable or irreversible? What happened to human rights? What on Earth did we get? What happened here?

This was not only a big nothing burger for America, but Kim got the one thing that he wanted, which was the end of military exercises outside the Korean Peninsula. We gave them that and got nothing in return. It boggles the mind wondering why we did all of this. The document they signed is worthless, vague and did not cover the main points we were supposed to be there for. In the words of Trump, SAD.

The build-up to all of this was obstreperous and the results were meek. Think about all we have been through watching this spectacle for the last month or so, only to be left wondering what the hell did we get out of this. Just sit and watch the press conference Trump gave afterward, it is like the president is self-unaware that he had been taken to the cleaners. I was terribly disappointed seeing how this all shook out. I’m more embarrassed than anything.

This was a very successful summit for Kim. The man must be blown away looking back on how well he did. He got elevated to the world stage. Kim got legitimized to his own people and others around the world. Hell, most of the promises Kim allegedly made weren’t even put into the document that they signed. Trump said they thought of this or that afterward but had no time to put it in the document. That says more about the preparation going into this thing than anything else. Life is a tale told by an idiot and this whole thing signified nothing for America or peace.

C. Rich
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