Rick Scott’s Senate Ad Best In Years

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When I first saw this ad from Rick Scott against Bill Nelson for Senate, all I could do is smile. It is the best political ad I’ve seen in years. This ad so encompasses why we need term limits, that it becomes a real eye-opener. It is such a good example of how sick the rest of us are that these people go to Congress and stay there until they die.

Whether it is John McCain hanging on to power to his last breath like Ted Kennedy or Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to relinquish power, the country is sick of this. These lifetime politicians have caused so much damage to this nation. In fact, they have essentially bankrupted it and we probably will not be able to save ourselves from this world record crushing debt.

On both sides of the political aisle, we need to take out all of the politicians that have been in D.C. for decades and do it at the ballot box. They are the problem. They caused this destruction. It is they that have to go. This commercial by Rick Scott lays it out better and quicker than any ad I have seen in many years. I have mixed feelings about Rick Scott as governor of my state. Overall, the man did a good job. He did an exceptional job with all the hurricanes we were hit with.

Bill Nelson has been sucking on the government tit for so many decades, that he probably believes that he should stay there like McCain. The horror of Nelson’s decades-old reign is the fact that he has no example of accomplishing anything. That is not only a problem, it is scandalous. It is time for a change in Florida and across the country. It is time to talk about term limits once again.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
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