NFL Destroying Itself

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I’ve been a Tampa Bay Buccaneer Fan since the third grade. I have watched and followed the NFL for decades and I cannot believe what has happened to the league. In the last few years, they have made decisions that are so separated from most of its fan base. Not stopping the kneeling protests right when it started, chased countless people away. For most of us, that is not the place or time to protest anything. Period, end of story and that is coming from someone who has written about the out of control state of law enforcement.

After the Will Smith movie, the league started to unwind. Little by little, people started to look at the game differently due to the concussion issue. Parents everywhere stopped putting their kids into football. Coaches in little leagues are having a hard time recruiting quality players since all the jocks were going into other sports. It is only a matter of time before this trickled up to the NFL itself. The league has many problems.

One of the biggest problems they have is Roger Goodell. His stewardship of the NFL has been extremely problematic. He has kind of single-handedly ran the league into the ground. I was absolutely stunned that they gave him another contract, let alone the money they gave him. The owners are financing their own demise. You get what you pay for. The league had an opportunity to put women in the job. Condoleezza Rice has been wanting that job for years. The league screwed that up too.

I’m hoping things turn around and get back to normal with the NFL. If not, I’m certainly going to take a look at the new league by Vince McMahon. I think it is a perfect time to put up some competition. I was a fan of the USFL back in the day. So I’m open to something new. Either way, this league, these owners, and Roger are just pushing me away.

C. Rich
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