It Is Not the News, It Is a Show

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It Is Not the News, It Is a Show
It Is Not the News, It Is a Show

The news isn’t there to give you the information of the world, the news is there to make money. They don’t care if there is now definite proof that the moon landing was real… that won’t make any money. Russia, hookers, and anything Trump will bring in the big bucks… so that’s what they talk about.

I remember being a little girl and watching the news every weeknight with my father at 6 pm. Besides the midday snippet, that really was the only true news we all got. Over my lifetime, I’ve watched the news shows expand. I saw them start at 5 pm and then the 24 hour news stations began. The problem with CNN and the expansion the of  other news networks that followed was the need for 24 hours of news.

Now, as a thinking person and as a person who has the ability to see the world around me, I can promise you that TONS of news is going on around you ALL THE TIME. I know. I know. If you turn on CNN or MSNBC or even FOX News, you’ll see the SAME headlines and “breaking news” (that’s a whole ‘nother story) and think you’re getting new news. Guess what, nope. You’re getting the same 5 or 6 stories that every single news channel is running… of course each channel with their own “bent” on the story.

Why would these news stations that proclaim to keep Americans informed about our country and our world give us only those few, repeated stories? Well, the mighty dollar, of course. Here’s the reality of it. CNN, FOX, MSNBC, et. al. are only around to make money. I know… it’s hard to believe that what we used to think was a news channel that was created to keep us informed and aware of the “news” from day-to-day is actually a bunch of shows created to make money. Do you think folks would turn in to CNN to hear about more than Russia, Trump disasters, or collusion stories? Well, yes, I truly think they would… but the higher-ups at CNN doubt it.

Unfortunately, I personally don’t know of any more true news channels… because even the locals all show the same stories. Here’s the typical local news show… tell me if it matches YOUR town. Start off with whatever the major networks are screaming about… then transition into some local shootings, murders, robberies… a few minutes of politics, usually attacking Trump… then a local “action news, find the scammer” story…. straight to the weather and then off to the feel good story.. usually a kid or animal type story… then a reminder that you have to watch the 11pm broadcast if you want to know what’s going on with your *insert common product like a dishwasher* and how that product will kill you or your kids if you don’t watch at 11pm … then finally they all wave goodbye.

Well, I have no murders or robberies to give you in THIS news story… but I did see a duck swimming in my pond this morning…  so as long as you don’t stuff your kids inside your dishwasher tonight, I bet you can go to bed early and be quite safe.




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