The Debt of The Baby Boomers

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Like the movie The Last of the Mohicans, America should track the Baby Boomers till the last living one. Like a dog who walks out into a grassy field to die, the boomers march in unison toward the vast fields of Social Security. Unlike the dog who doesn’t disturb the field around him while he lays his head down to die, the Boomers will set on fire the field of Social Security and with their last breath destroy one more thing on their way out. The most destructive group of people in the history of our union must destroy everything in its path.

We are not close yet to the countdown of extinction of this nefarious group, but we as a society should never put them on the endangered species list and try to keep them around with advanced medical care. In truth, this self-absorbed and destructive life form is more like a virus than any other category of living organisms. The plague that has engulfed most of the world as of late can be traced right back to this virus. The latest symptom of this virus is the complete and utter bankruptcy of the greatest nation in the history of the world.

One could say that Obama was not a Baby Boomer and be in complete denial that it is the Baby Boomer’s milk that the former president suckled. He was shaped by their sick ideology and was but a tool to fulfill the Boomer’s greatest desires. He was surrounded by them. He held no original or generational thoughts that depart from their sickness.

Yes, I know not all Baby Boomers are bad and I realize that a portion of Baby Boomers have been fighting this counter-culture since the 1960′s. However, it must be said that the subgroup of Boomers who have been fighting the good fight from within have lost the fight. Let me say that again for the Boomers who have fought these people among themselves. You lost the fight. The bad guys won and nothing short of total destruction and bankruptcy of a great nation lies ahead.

The Boomers will leave behind a crippling debt that future generations will never be able to pay back or recover from. It is over. We simply will not have enough workers to pay back the tens of trillions of dollars of debt and our population is too small to have a snowball’s chance in hell of digging out of this. It is done. The only thing left is the waiting. The waiting for the inevitable.

There was a turning point or a crossroad in which people forty and under could have stopped a lot of this. This was before the bailout plans took hold in 2008-2009. If we could have somehow stopped them before this never before seen tax and spend to oblivion took hold. However, we didn’t stop it and we allowed this virus to spread to the economic security of our nation and the rest of the world.

They kept us busy watching American Idol and fighting for things that tinker around the edges. All while they insidiously enslaved us to rapacious unpayable debt. I once believed that we should build a museum to showcase the venal souls of these people. Maybe build a monument of a giant yuppie fifty stories high, but now I know we will not have any money left to do that. Impassive to their own destruction, the Boomers are not done yet.

There is no doubt many more unforeseen symptoms will spread due to this spreading. This quandary has no solution. This virus has no vaccine. We might even have some rosy days ahead. Maybe a couple of economic sabbatical that will give hope that there is a chance, that there is a future. During these times some will point back to the view I put forth here and say “look” he was wrong, we can make it. However, this is only an illusion or a mirage in the desert of mass bankruptcy.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
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