Supreme Court Ruling May Lead To Legalized Prostitution

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The Supreme Court just ruled that the ban on online gambling is unconstitutional. The argument they put forward was it was unfair that Nevada was the only state where online gambling was legal. If Nevada does something, the other states can do it too, if they choose. Now if we take that point of view forward, then it must lead to legalized prostitution respectively.

States should be able to choose for themselves whether or not prostitution could be legal in their state. They call it the oldest profession in the world. Bringing this professional out of the shadows and into the light can only be a good thing. Building a system with doctors and counselors or all sorts of support for these women (and men) should be the humane way to handle this subject matter. If you watched the HBO Series Deadwood (best show ever) or their show The Deuce clearly the world of prostitution could use some more humanity.

I look forward to legal online gambling. There are already exceptions when it comes to horseracing. I love betting on the Triple Crown Races. And I would look forward to legalized prostitution. Truth be told most men have used their services and even many ladies avail themselves of this service. Prostitution itself has saved countless marriages. Women who choose this work should not have to spend all that money to fly in and out of Nevada to do it. If it is legal where they are, many mothers would not be separated from their children when going off to work weeks at a time.

There are many positive things about legal prostitution. The court’s ruling may, in fact, trigger in the not so distant future the argument I am making in this blog. States’ rights are at the heart of our union. Legalized prostitution would just make it a more perfect union.

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