Obesity: A National Security Problem

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Just recently it has been revealed that 27% of eighteen-year-olds are too fat to be accepted into the military. Nearly a third of our young people have gotten so big, that even if they wanted to join the armed forces, they can not be admitted due to their weight.

So now all the Twinkies, chicken wings and fast food have now become a national security problem. Whenever I would hear the food police target something like salt, sugar or cooking oils, it was like nails on a chalkboard to me. I looked at it as a direct assault on freedom and how dare these bastards tell people what they can and can not eat.

Now I have to ask myself what is a bigger threat to freedom. Is it these people telling us what to eat or is it the fact that we won’t have much of a military left to defend freedom. If the Baby Boomers are retiring and our young people are too fat, who is left to defend our semi-free nation? I don’t believe we are free in America anymore, but I believe we are semi-free and who will defend that if everyone is too old or fat?

It has also been revealed that not only do we eat too much or eat the wrong things, but also the corporations put so much salt and bad stuff in the processed food, that one doesn’t have to overeat to be affected. I can’t believe I would side with the food police, but to be intellectually honest, I must admit this dilemma.

Since I’m caught in the middle age of not being a Boomer almost dead and not young enough to go into the military to defend our nation again, I have no choice but to continue eating my burgers, wings and ice cream. However, the rest of you bums need to get your act together and lose some weight. You must defend my freedom to eat whatever the hell I want. I know, it sucks to be you. Now toughen up, get on that treadmill and order me a pizza while you’re at it.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
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