Justice Put A Price Tag On Innocence

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August 14, 2009, a story ran about a man who was released from prison and Just hours after being released from jail, this convicted sex offender removed his tracking ankle bracelet, kidnapped and sexually assaulted two 15-year-old girls.

The Department of Corrections admitted that mistakes were made, which allowed a sex offender to cut off his ankle monitoring device because the device was never activated. They forgot to hit a button to turn it on, which cost two 15-year-old girls to suffer the fate of a sex offender. Police later arrested him and put him back in jail after he confessed to raping the 2 girls.

The correction department announced a new policy, which will require that two probation officers verify whether devices have been activated and registered before a parolee is let go.

Although the new policy is in place, and we hope it will prevent this from happening again, I have to ask, What is wrong with this picture?

What I would like to know is why was this guy allowed out in the first place? Obviously, he slipped past more than a probation officer and an ankle bracelet, He managed to get out on probation. A parole board granted him access to the outside world.

I think this tragedy should be investigated not just from the probation officers level but it should step up to the parole board who was so obtuse they let him out. Obviously, he was a candidate to re-offend and proved it. Policies need to be changed and making 2 parole officers check for ankle bracelets is just a bandage to the real underlying problem.

How can you say sorry that it happened and it was a mistake when innocence has been lost and two young girls, with their whole life ahead of them now have to endure the memories and trauma for the next 90 years.

Justice put a price tag on the innocence that was lost here. The cost to keep him in must have outweighed the cost of what these young girls endured. Pretty sad when we have a price tag on our heads instead of the “wanted signs“ like back in the wild west. At least back then he would be hung or executed before reaching the town.

Society needs to be better protected from sexual predators. We need tougher laws, harsher punishments and they should not qualify for parole or early release. Too many neighborhoods in the USA and Canada are in danger by the number of perverts, sex offenders and child molesters, living, walking, and breathing around us. It is time for the lawmakers to take a stand and stop worrying about the next vote, and start making laws and punishments that actually work.

These are the scum of the scum. Bottom feeders, and parasites invading our world and should have no right to exist among the living. If they can not be sentenced to death, then castrate them and sentence them to chain gangs and hard labor for 100 years.

They just release more offenders to halfway houses. And more will follow as the parole boards become overwhelmed and it is easier to grant parole to save money on an already underfunded department of corrections budget.

How many more stories have to make the news before they realize something is not working? It makes me sick to think my granddaughters could go to a mall for school supplies and could be the next victim because our laws fail to protect them.

Phone your MLA or US Congressmen and demand your right to be protected. It’s time to take a stand, and I am dialing now.


K. Waters
Writer, Blogger, Mother
[email protected]

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