Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein Still Have a Job?

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It boggles the mind why Jeff Sessions and/or Rod Rosenstein still has a job. What does it take for President Trump to get rid of these stones in his shoe? Sessions is arguably the most ineffective AG in recent times, yet he is still allowed to run the Justice Department while having little control over it. For all practical purposes, Rod is really the Attorney General, not Jeff. Or at least when it comes to the important stuff, Jeff cut himself out.

President Trump deserves an AG that can protect him from the out of control criminality that has plagued the leadership of many government agencies. The idea that the Attorney General is supposed to be neutral is hogwash. Obama had Holder and Lynch and they certainly not only had his back but worked his agenda with Obama as well. Even Janet Reno did not go after Bill Clinton like she could have. But President Trump gets Jeff Sessions? Seems very unfair.

It just came out that Rod Rosenstein might have secretly expanded the Mueller probe without anyone knowing it. If this is true, the man needs to be fired. Rod is a huge problem for Trump. Somehow the president allows this man to run around undermining him and the rule of law. Rod is not a patriot as far as I am concerned and, from all that we have learned, is very high up the ladder of the Deep State. So why is he still there Mr. President?

Jeff Sessions showed what side of the fence he was on when he went to a very public dinner with Rod. It was kind of a middle finger to the president to so publicly side with Rosenstein. I never liked the pick of Jeff Sessions from the beginning. Many of us did not like that pick. The man and his beliefs are archaic. From gay’s rights to legal marijuana, the man is in the dark ages.

Jeff is a dinosaur and one of the last of his kind. Sessions is the quintessential backward Baby Boomers this country has been struggling to break free from for decades now. His stunning ignorance on these and other subjects is embarrassing to forward-thinking Americans. But again I ask, why do they still have a job, Mr. President?

C. Rich
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