Is Noticing Some Humans Look Like Animals Racist?

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McConnell Blocked Obama And Now Trump

This whole thing with Roseanne got me thinking. Noticing some humans look like different animals is a curious thing. I have said for years that Mitch McConnell looks like a turtle. In fact, I call him the turtle, does that make me racist? He does look like a turtle, but nobody calls me a racist for saying that. In fact, they mostly agreed with me. The man looks like a turtle.

Carly Simon and Chelsea Clinton, I always thought, look like a horses. Here is an article about 11 celebrities that look like a horses. We have all seen many of these people, giant protruding gums and humongous teeth. There is even a medical procedure to sew the lip in such a way that the person does not look like a horse anymore. People pay big money for that. I have known a lot of these people and I think they are horse-like in appearance. It is a curious thing.

I think Stormy Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti looks like a hawk. He is bird like. I have seen many people who look like one bird or another. You know, the nose curses down and makes them look like a bird of prey. Noticing that, does it make me a racist? Go look up Egyptian Hieroglyphics on the walls of many caves and you’ll see many bird-like people. Is noticing that reality, racist?

I have seen people look like fish and all sorts of animals, but I don’t think of racism. However, if we notice or put voice to that fact that some black people look like apes, chimps, monkeys, or silverback gorillas, then we are called racist? Does that sound consistent to you? Are we being intellectually honest here?

What Roseanne did here was blazingly stupid and it hurt a lot of people. However, is there any validity to any of this? And if so, why? It is very curious that some of us look like certain animals. If you follow Ancient Astronaut Theory or go look it up, there could be an explanation that explains this. That theory gives a whole new meaning to racism. But I digress.

Here is my point, let’s all stop being so sensitive and be a little more honest with each other. Bill Maher constantly shows a side by side picture of President Trump with an orangutan, there was even a lawsuit over it. But I don’t ever look at that juxtaposition of Trump with an orangutan and run to racism. It just might be true that some of us do in fact look like certain animals. Can we just be honest about that?

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
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