Trump Derangement Syndrome Unchecked

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We all became aware of the mental disease called “Trump Derangement Syndrome,” but if my memory holds up this started with President Bush. We watched people blame George W. Bush for everything that happened in the world. However, most experts thought this was a temporary mental disorder. Now that time has passed by, we can now see it is a permanent psychological disorder that has no cure.

At the beginning of the Obama administration, many people would just blame Bush for all of Obama’s problems or shortfalls. Then time went by and people started to ask, when will Obama own this or own that. Obama himself, still to this day, blames Bush for everything. These people have blamed Bush for hurricanes, terrorism, the oil spill and now they are doing it with President Trump.

It is clear that these folks will never hold either side to account for their performance. Every time Trump fails at something, it will be blamed on Obama. There are countless people out there that will go to their grave with such hate, blaming Bush, Obama, and Trump for everything. Some will have Trump Derangement on their lips as the last words spoken in this world.

These people that suffer from this disorder should be avoided at all costs. Unstable people are a danger to themselves and all of us. Until there is a cure for this vexation, we all need to steer clear of these crazy people and not engage them. There are rumors that this could be contagious and possibly airborne. It looks like cable news hosts have caught it, watching primetime cable news it becomes self-evident. Flashbacks from the Clockwork Orange movie ring in my head. I can just see these cable news hosts tied up and bound with their eyelids pried and held open as video of the last three presidents is forced upon them.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
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