The VA Needs A Hospital Administrator Not A Doctor

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President Trump often appoints people in positions that have no qualification to hold said position. I would think that the president would draw from his private sector business background and hire people from it more often. Putting his own doctor in charge of the US Department of Veterans Affairs reminds me of President George W. Bush nominating his own personal lawyer to the Supreme Court.

The only person that can clean up that monstrosity of a bureaucracy is a hospital administrator that has experience running a string or network of hospitals. It is not even enough to put someone in charge who ran a single hospital. We need someone who knows and has experience in running many hospitals. The person does not have to be a vet and that is part of the problem. They are looking for the wrong thing.

We have seen this before. President Trump put another doctor in charge of HUD. Well, what experience does Ben Carson have with running something like U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development? Well, we’re told, when he was a kid, he lived in public housing. See the problem here? I’ve been on a plane, but that does not mean I should get a job as a pilot. So don’t be surprised that the good doctor got wrapped up in a scandal with a dining room set. He is the wrong man for the job. Now the president is doing this again with the VA.

Another thing the president should do is push back on this Democrat and media narrative of calling what Trump and others want to do with the VA as “privatization” or allow them to create a boogeyman. It makes it sound like they want to sell the VA to a private organization like we did with prisons. All they are saying, and they need to say it louder, is that if a vet lives in a rural area, hours away from a VA hospital, that he would be allowed to go to his local hospital. Or if one particular VA hospital is providing such bad service, it has to allow the vets to go to their local hospital instead of waiting to die, which we all know has happened more than once. I guess if a man with no governmental experience can get a job as president, well, why not put doctors in places they do not belong.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
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