The Countdown to the Last Baby Boomer

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In the year 2011, the end of a generation began. The first Baby Boomers hit 65. It started the first year with 1.5 million and the year after 1.7 million hit retirement age. After that, the numbers explode. The Baby Boomers that will be collecting Social Security are the Pac-Man that will eat up the dots and the dots are us. The dots they will feed on is America itself. It is our future they will devour. It is the very survival of our nation that is at stake.

The arrival of the Baby Boomers upon our Social Security System represents the financial death of America in the twenty-first century. There is no escaping the simple math of it. We simply will not have enough workers to support the Boomers in retirement. Everyone knew this was coming. We just kept putting it off or ignoring it. We bathed in a putative denial and turned our collective heads to what was coming.

To this day, most Americans have no idea of the economic tsunami that is coming their way. Maybe we just didn’t want to face it. Perhaps we knew but didn’t. They wouldn’t let us solve it. Any alarm bell rung up to now, just fell silent on a “live in the moment” populace. However, the moment of today will crumble to the weight of tomorrow and all will be lost.

The sad part of what I’m saying here is not up for debate. Sadly there is not a chance I can be wrong on this. Only the inadvertent truth of mathematics will be the language of America’s future. Effusively we won’t even be able to borrow the money to get through this long stretch. You see, the Boomers left us with trillions of dollar of debt.

This generation simply destroyed any chance we could have had to handle this as a nation. Their very own destructive path has lead to a situation where we will not be able to make the promise of Social Security to this selfish generation. They were the first generation in the history of America not to hand over a better America to the next generation. What they handed us was an impossible financial situation that not even Solomon could figure a way out of. We can’t split the baby here.

Let me break this down to something very simple that everyone can understand. How does America, who is broke and in debt, now pay for all the Baby Boomers to receive Social Security? If you can answer that question, you will go down in history as the person who saved The United States of America. You will also go down in history as the person who could bend the laws of mathematics. Just run the numbers. Don’t listen to me; just go get your calculators.

The Baby Boomers will no longer be able to hide behind their very own self-glorification. All the aspirations of the sixties will not hold weight to the generations crushed under their feet. No self-aggrandize narrative will amount to a hill of beans when we drown in the ocean of failure left behind.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
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