Joy Reid’s Lies And Evolutions

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MSNBC is a home for people who struggle with the truth. Joy Reid is the latest to be caught with semantical irregularities. However, Joy has nothing to fear, she works at MSNBC and there is no trepidation about losing a job for telling a lie over there, just ask Brian Williams. It is pretty amazing if you think about it. They fill plenty of time slots with people who lie at that network. If Joy knew about the website Wayback Machine, she would have never told any provable lies. If she knew, I sure she would have searched for a lie harder to find. But she did not know and dove head first into her dilemma.

Joy is the tip of the spear for Trump Derangement Syndrome. Every weekend on her show she attacks her self-described conservative roots and picks on all thing right-wing. If you ask Joy how her digital self does not match her TV self or how her TV self does not match her upbringing self, she’d say she evolved. The classic “magic word” or “get out of whatever free” card that only leftist can avail themselves to. These are the same people banning Mark Twain books because Huckleberry Finn never had his chance to evolve.

The blazing hypocrisy is obvious and poor Joy will get a bad paragraph on her Wikipedia page. But that is all that is going to happen. There will be no price to pay for Joy Reid at MSNBC, except one. She damaged her reputation with people who do not agree with her. It used to be when it came to Joy Reid and the show AM JOY, the people from the right that disagreed with her, did just that, disagree. Now when we look at her on TV, we will just see Brian Williams.

C. Rich
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