James Comey: We Know Him Now

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I cannot be the only one who is absolutely and indefatigably sick of Jim Comey and his self-unawareness on our TVs. You can’t get away from this bum. Of course, all of this is my opinion, but I have never seen someone so disconnected from what is real and what is not. Goodness, look what he is doing to the reputation of the FBI. Which, by the way, is and always has been misplaced. However, look at the damage he has done to the people who actually believed the FBI were the good guys. They are not and never were. It started with Hoover and they still have his name on their building. That should tell you everything you need to know about that group. While the whole country is pulling down Confederate monuments and banning Mark Twain books, they still keep Hoover’s name on their building.

I have a bias against the FBI. I have seen them operate up close and have known for decades how dirty they are. I could keep you up all night with stories of how there is very little difference between the criminals and law enforcement. I personally had a friend of my family who went into federal law enforcement and walked away from that career after some years claiming there is a fine line between the so-called good guy and the bad guys.

James Comey’s legacy will be juxtaposed to Hoover’s reign. Both men got so deep into America’s politics, that they did some serious and measurable damage. These were not good men. The dirty ways of how they used that position to perform a storm of shady, crooked nuisances. Some people say that because Comey angered both Democrats and Republicans, that he must have been doing something right. Well, there is another explanation. Because he pissed off both Republicans and Democrats, that shows that he was doing something wrong. That age-old concept is not axiomatic and Comey is the perfect example of that, thus America’s dirty cop. Whichever side of the political fence you fall on, one thing joins us all together, the man is disgraced. It does not matter what happens to Comey legally, we know him now.

C. Rich
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