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I sat down drinking an adult beverage with a Baby Boomer the other day. We got into a deep discussion of post World War America and all the changes that have transpired. It didn’t take long while the beverage was flowing, that this man started down memory lane about how meaningful and amazing the sixties were. Nails to a chalkboard to me.

He explained to me how you just had to be there. America was going through changes that were so historic, he was telling me. He digressed into a self-diluted tirade on how the generation nowadays, have no idea of the historic nature of the Boomers. I sat patiently listening to the wonder years. I mean, after all, the flow of adult libations were financed by him, so I could hardly throw a wet blanket on the fire burning in his eyes as he told me his story.

It was a story I’ve heard before. It was a tale we’ve all heard at one time or another. I mean they just can’t keep themselves from transposing their twisted version of how important they all were and how history was so big right in front of their eyes. I felt like I was in the Three Dogs Night song, “Jeremiah was a Bullfrog.” You know, “He was a good friend of mine. I never understood a single word he’d said but I’d helped him drink his wine. He always had some mighty fine wine.” So we drank and I listened while we watch the sun going down on a hot autumn night enjoying my vacation.

The next day I woke up and was haunted by those words he spoke. I couldn’t believe how clueless and removed from how destructive his generation had been to America. How utterly clueless and not self-aware of his own contribution to our decline. He had no understanding of the cancer or virus that has eaten away at the core of mankind at the hands of his generation. His dismissal of history itself after the sixties was stunning.

According to him and his cohorts, I guess not much really happened of any importance after the sixties. I mean it is not like we got to see the end of the Cold War or anything. The fall of the Berlin Wall couldn’t possibly compare to the Watts riots. The discovery and complete mapping of DNA couldn’t possibly compare to the discovery of LSD and the application of these two things could never overshadow one another.

Speaking of discovery, yes, I heard the Boomer’s generation made it to the moon, but I guess that is much bigger, juxtaposed to space stations, space shuttles and the Hubble telescope or the internet. I mean I’m sure science learned more from bringing back a moon rock than it could have from the Hubble and the origins of the universe. Now I apperceive Vietnam was the war that ended all wars in their minds. I know my generation coasted with those pesky wars in Bosnia, Afghanistan, and those Iraq wars, but you have history on your side. I guess that giant hole made in the middle of downtown Manhattan is not much history at all. I mean you had the Gulf Of Tonkin and all.

No, No, No! I want to understand the sixties. They were so much more meaningful. After all, you did have JFK and that was certainly history. It is not like you could line up on the wall every picture of all the US presidents and see any history among all those old white guys with the addition of those new guys from 2008 and 2016; no, you had JFK. I guess my generation just lacks that presidential history thing with our first black president and first reality star Commander and Chief.

Now I would never compare the importance of 8 tracks to the Internet. I mean these two things must be equal in historic value. I do want to at least give the credit for having better music in the sixties, but then I remembered it was the American Boomers and the corporations they created, that killed music forever. I could go on and on and on but hey, I think we get the point here.

So now I was going to make sure this Baby Boomer that I had these drinks with was going to get a piece of my mind. I picked up the phone {which was not a rotary by the way} and dialed his number. The phone ringed five times and he picked up. He said hello. Now I was ready. Now I was going to lay this Boomer out. I had enough. I said you know! You got it all wrong DAD!

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