Take Electric Grid, Nuclear Plants and Elections Offline

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We are being told that the Russians are in our grid systems, nuclear plants and in our elections. So, take them all offline. Why are we allowing this kind of risk? Why do our leaders act powerless and act like there are no solutions? It is quite disturbing if you think about it. All those things existed well before there was an internet. These things do not need to be online. What are we going to do, just sit around and wait for some country to turn our lights off?

I am sick and tired of the press crying about what Russia does. Instead of complaining, do something about it. The Russians have always done these kinds of things. When Putin was reelected he made a statement that Russia wants to get along with the rest of the world better. That sounds like a bunch of propaganda to me, but regardless of their behavior, we need to look at our behavior. We need to be proactive in defense and offense. It is time to hit them back and protect the homeland. That is the only way to make Russia change its behavior. Hit them back.

This November no state should have their elections online. Everybody should be doing paper ballots so there is no risk of being hacked. We should also ban political ads on social media platforms. Sitting around and doing nothing while opining the Russians are coming is completely unacceptable. it is very frustrating to see our leaders’ inaction. They act there is not a solution to every man-made problem. The evident truth is there is a solution for each one of these vexations.

In the end, I blame the Baby Boomers. The Boomers are still in charge and not done destroying the world they will soon leave behind. The most destructive generation in history is leaving our electric grid and even our democracy itself vulnerable. They will not release their grip on power. They stay in Washington D.C. up until the day they die. In the meanwhile, their stewardship of leadership brings with it an unacceptable risk. They need to take these vital systems offline to protect us. It is not rocket science.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
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