Roseanne And Will & Grace Bringing Back Gen-X Shows

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Watching the premiere of the reboot of Roseanne I could not help but think Generation X is finally getting some power. The damn Baby Boomers have had control of our TV’s for so long it is almost shocking to see them lose grip on programming. With the success of Will & Grace and now the explosion of Roseanne, Gen-X is getting its groove on.

When you realize that the TV show Roseanne started in 1988 when Ronald Reagan was president, it all comes into focus. Generation X is on the rise. There is a yearning for our TV shows and our fashion or even our 80s/90s music. You can not go into a sporting event without hearing our rock and roll still thundering.

I would not say we have arrived yet. No, not yet, the Baby Boomers still have a grip on our politics and corporations, but we are starting to rise to power. Sure, everyone wants to talk about Millennials because of their sheer numbers, but I see a problem generation there hell bent on mass murder. Yes, it is Generation X that will be up next with their hands on the wheels of power.

I’m not sure what will be left for us to run. Our parents were the first generation in American history to pass on a weaker America than the one they were handed. No other American generation ever did that. The Boomers have destroyed almost every institution they had their hands on and have left us with a crushing debt we could never pay back. But it will be nice, even if it is for just a day, to be rid of that generation that was more of a virus then any other appellation I could think of.

Reboots with our TV shows with the original casts could be the hot new thing. Reboots with new people rarely work. It is our desire to see the same people play the same characters. While this kind of thing takes hold, can I throw in my two cents? Bring back Miami Vice, Friends and Cheers with the same people. I would even watch Knight Rider again as long as David Hasselhoff is in it. Generation X is in demand.

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