Parkland: New Generation Of Democrat Voters Are Born

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My daughter’s school was part of the nationwide walkout. We found out the night before that some parents from the right have told their kids not to walk out because not marching supports the NRA. I was stunned; then I bounced around all the cable networks and Fox didn’t even cover the national walkout in a serious way. The Republicans and the NRA will be wiped out in a generation (mark my words) if they ignore these hundreds of thousands of kids in the streets turning 18, demanding gun control. These kids will not be Republican voters of the future. I believe the moment has come and gone already for the Republicans and they blew it.

What you are witnessing in the streets is the absolute “swelling” of the Democrat Party. It will grow fast. A friend of mine said, “They are the immediate next generation to join the ranks! They may push for a new political ideology and get rid of both parties!” We can only hope because I have had it with our two-party system. As for the Republican Party, their goose is cooked starting this November and the midterm elections. It will be a bloodbath when every 18-year-old in the nation that turned 18 this year votes for gun control.

Growing up in Broward County Florida and having even lived in Parkland, I am so inspired by these kids and young adults. These kids will, in fact, be the leaders of the future and they will change this nation fundamentally. This country will realign itself more towards a progressive bent and more towards socialism. Now if you’re from the right, you don’t want to hear this or even believe it. However, it is going to happen regardless. This generation follows Bernie Sanders, not Paul Ryan. Parkland represents real hope and change for progressive politics. The ideology of individualism got a dagger through the heart, that dagger was Parkland.

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