Mary Green – Tennessee’s Bigfoot Lady Part 2

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In a previous article, I introduced you to the Tennessee Bigfoot Lady. Also known as Mary Green, she endured the trials and tribulations of the known and the unknown. Mary suffered somewhat, with married life and became separated, having to raise her children on her own. Quite meagerly, I might add, and ended up doing a fantastic job. All the while, trying to make sense of occurrences happening around her property, leaving her perplexed and scratching her head so often, it is a wonder Mary didn’t go bald. Stoic and with steadfast determination, Mary discovered the identity of her unknown troubles, (Bigfoot) and set forth the wheels of what would become a couple of decades worth of study.

She finally confirmed her strange incidents, over the years, with having a sighting of one of these creatures on her land. Intrigued by this, Mary began investigating further. Looking for tracks around her property, she thought to herself that in no way was she the only one having an encounter with these giants. Starting a website for people to report their own strange, and unexplainable occurrences, she could interview, investigate and make determinations according to each report. Otherwise, letting others know that they are not the only ones, ‘going crazy’ over this subject. In so doing, removing the monkey from her own back. Mary had no idea the floodgate her website would open in the coming years. Not only were there people reporting sightings of Bigfoot in her own county, but from all over the state of Tennessee. From which, the most sensational report imaginable, regarding Bigfoot, would derive.

Mary would receive e-mails from individuals, who like herself, were having strange happenings attributed to hairy, upright walking creatures. People usually kept quiet about such things for fear of being labeled a loon. However, word got around and Mary was easing the minds of many, who were relieved, that someone else had unexplained events not easy to understand. Mary comforted those with a simple line, “It is ok, I believe you” allowing some to open up and lift a burden carried for years. Years went by, enabling Mary to hone her skills in witness interviewing and investigational techniques, later perfected with hours of fieldwork. One morning, Mary checked her website mailbox and was stunned at what she read.

A lady from eastern Tennessee indicated that her grandfather fed a family of Bigfoot for years on his farm and she grew up watching these creatures. Studying, observing and often times, writing in memo pads and documenting as much as possible. This lady described things that only could have come from someone who was exposed, on a daily basis, to these creatures. In fact, her earliest memory of them came from an encounter with her grandpa, as they were picking berries on his farm. Failing to bring enough water to drink, the grandpa had this lady, who was very young at the time, go back to the house and fetch some more water. As she hurried back to where her grandfather was, she ran smack-dab into the back of one of these creature’s knees. As she screamed in terror, the grandpa came running and got between her and the Bigfoot. She remembers vividly her grandpa talking to it in a tone that one would talk to a nervous horse or something. Soft, slow and calm and to her surprise, the creature spoke back.

Mary was beside herself. She couldn’t wait to reply to this women but struggled with the, ‘too good to be true’ aspect. Not wanting to fall victim to a hoax, Mary arranged to talk on the phone with this lady before investigating further. Her name was Janice and according to her, it all started on her Grandfather’s farm in the late 40’s. He and his brother were cutting down trees to clear for pasture. After cutting one big tree, the two brothers discovered it fell on a young looking creature, covered in hair. It was hurt pretty bad and they took it to the horse barn to administer to the wounds. The grandfather, thinking this was a deformed, abandoned child, started inquiring around the community, but to no avail. He continued to nurse it back to health. Feeding it, cleaning the wounds and otherwise caring for it as if it were human. On the fifth night, all hell broke loose down at the horse barn. In the house at the time, the grandfather ran, and as he approached, saw two, large and hairy creatures, one of them carrying the small one in its arms. It was later surmised, that this was the real parents of the little, injured one.

Years have passed since the incident and Janice’s grandfather started noticing a Bigfoot hanging around the property. It made him wonder if this was the little one that he helped years back. He began to feed it starting a relationship that would last for nearly fifty years. After Janice’s first encounter with, ‘Fox’ (the name her grandfather gave it) she used to accompany him feeding it by the giant oak tree next to the horse barn. He would take the plate of leftovers, set it down and walk back to Janice. Then, they would watch as Fox would come out from beneath the tree, eat the food, then return to the tree. Janice was amazed and realized on one feeding occasion that there was more than one. There was a whole family of them. Fox had acquired a mate. A female Bigfoot that held a baby in its arms! Over the years, Janice said that she watched them from a pine tree. Watched them bury a stillborn, gather food, sleep, and do other things that, well for lack of a better description, do what a family of these things would do. She wrote down the speech the Bigfoot used and found out by her grandfather that it was a dialect of many Indian languages. These Bigfoot had a language and she deciphered and understood most of what they were saying to each other.

Janice’s grandfather taught them English and the creatures; in turn, translated their form of speech. Growing up learning this language, Janice was able to ‘talk’ to some Bigfoot that Mary Green had been familiar with from another report in a different county. Mary, realizing the usefulness of Janice’s capabilities, took her to an area that had a lot of Bigfoot activity. With Mary watching, Janice went into the woods a short distance and yelled out some Bigfoot words. Wanting to say something that would sure to get a response, she declared (in their language) that she was a female looking for a mate. To the shock of everyone present, there was an answer! Mary couldn’t understand, but she knew that Janice was carrying on a conversation with these Bigfoot. According to Janice, there were four of them. One big male, one female, and two juveniles. The big one wanted to know how Janice knew their talk. The female wanted Janice to leave because this was her mate, but one of the younger ones were interested in Janice’s offer. Janice told them that there are some of her friends with her and that they wanted to be friends with them. The big one answered back that he wanted to see Janice, but the female would have none of that and started creating a disturbance by breaking branches and making loud whoops. Janice thought this was a good time to retreat because they were advancing and it was unknown how they would react.. Mary was mesmerized and according to Janice, who said she understood every word, the Bigfoot was becoming hostile from their intrusion.

Over the years, the grandfather aged and died. Janice moved, got married and started a life of her own. Occasionally, she returned to the farm and discovered that ‘old Fox was still around. Graying from age and slower than she remembered, she sort of felt sorry for him and left him some food like old times. Janice depicted all these events in greater detail in a book entitled, 50 Years With Bigfoot / A Case of Co-Existence. Co-authored with Mary Green, Janice tells what inside people in the field have determined could have only come from someone who is around these creatures. This story is a documented story of habituation. Hard to believe, but very credible. I know, I have the book.


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