I Am Woman – Watch Me Multi-Task

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OK, people, it is time to WAKE-UP; it is 2018 and “I am woman, hear me roar” no longer applies. The new slogan is “I am woman, watch me multi-task”. It is so surreal that we are still having to fight for equality and equal pay. Have you even paid attention to the modern woman and what she really does or is society so obtuse to notice? Women are CEO’s, they work in diverse trades, and own big, small and enormous companies. We have women who work blue-collar, in banking and the Stock markets. Almost every business a man works you will find there is a hard-working woman beside him.

They pay in pensions, healthcare, unemployment, unions and every other plan the same as men do. At the same time, they carry 10 lbs. of extra weight for 9 1/2 months while they are still doing their jobs. Balance home and work so society and the human race continues to move forward and exist yet still have to fight for equality and equal pay. Women are not asking for more than men, they are not a threat to men in the job market and it is time for the proverbial “man’s club” to close the doors and open the “equality club.”

Everyone in the world puts their pants on one leg at a time, we eat, breathe and do what we can to make a life for ourselves and those around us. So, it is time to have equality among the masses. If you can do the job and exceed expectations, should it really matter what your sex, race, creed or religious beliefs are?

Women are human, and humans should be treated equally.

It is time for men to march with the women in their life and support the fight for equality and equal pay. Hold that sign high and proud, show those who will not conform to the new equal society that they are the minority and you will not be renewing the membership to the “men’s club”.

During National Women’s Week, make sure you say loud and proud for the world to hear “This is my wife/daughter/mother and she is good at what she does.”

I am a woman, watch me multi-task!

K. Waters
Writer, Blogger, Mother
[email protected]

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