Am I A Conservative, A Progressive Or A Libertarian?

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So what is a conservative? Do I fit that label anymore or what does that even mean? Do I fit in some box or conform to any particular label? What am I? Who am I politically? Where is my political home? Do I even have a home politically? Well, let us figure this out.

I am furiously pro-life and consider abortion evil and used by American women as some form of birth control. I know that the rape and incest excuse used by our women is a lie and only constitutes less than one percent of these killings.

I am pro-gay-rights including marriage and adoption. I consider all religion to be a lie and a crutch, but I believe in a creator and intelligent design. I believe in evolution, but do not extend that to human beings. DNA has already proven that even the closest creature before homo sapiens, could never have been related to us genetically. However, I don’t understand why people ignore that.

I am pro-gun-rights and believe if more people had guns, we would have less crime. But I’m against semi-automatic and automatic guns and believe no one, not even the police, should have them. I don’t hunt, but love hunters and the great taste of all the animals they kill. I don’t believe animals have rights like human beings.

I love the environment and nature and believe in global warming. I believe a fraud case should be brought against Al Gore on all the money he has made while at the same time being a big part of the problem. I believe only a misguided human could believe that we couldn’t affect the temperature of the Earth. I believe the temperature of the Earth is determined by solar activity, whether we are here or not, but we are damn sure putting too much carbon in the air. I don’t confuse pollution, clean water and clean air with global warming.

I enjoy pornographic material and think drugs should be legal, even if I don’t do them. I believe the war on drugs and on poverty is a failure and nonsense anyway. I believe we give too much money to the Pentagon for endless wars. I once believed in an unfettered free market, but now see the pyramid scheme that it produced.

I believe that both Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton were good presidents. I believe George W. Bush was a historic president and not in a good way. I believe Obama was a disrupter and a terrible president. I’m for a single-payer Medicare for all that is funded by fiscal conservatism. I don’t believe Medicare for all makes us a socialist country and I don’t believe in the socialist boogieman. I don’t believe socialism is evil or a gateway drug to communism.

I prefer a democratic republic, but feel money and politics have raped that form of government. I believe in small government and sticking to a strict constitutional government, which also embraces a societal safety net. I hate when people say, look at Social Security and Medicare, they are a failure because they are broke. Never, of course, mentioning all the politicians that spent the money and made those programs broke. If we would have taken the left wing safety net and funded it in a conservative fiscal way, these programs would be fine.

I believe The Federal Reserve is the death of us all and I believe the “Too Big Too Fail Theory” is a lie. Let them fail and I don’t care how hard it would be for us. Since when do we let the government take over so many businesses, just so we don’t have to go through a rough patch. We could have crawled out of all that as a free people, instead of this Big-Brother-out-of-control thing we have now after the economic crash.

I could never be a Democrat, but find it harder and harder to support Republicans. I yearn for more choices. I want more than a third party; I want five or six. I think America has way too many people locked up. I think all nonviolent and drug-war offenders should be freed and sent back to their community to pay for their crimes outside of prison.

Well, as you can see, this is quite a list of conservative, liberal and populist values. So I ask you. What am I politically? Am I a conservative, a progressive or a libertarian? Where do I fit in the political spectrum?

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
[email protected]


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