Will Parkland Movement Be Hijacked?

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When I watch the young people speak from Parkland I realize this generation is not the Millennials. When I watched the video,”We call B.S.”, I am reminded how America really does bring up generations at certain times when we need it. I feel history here. I feel like things are gonna change and I want them to. I have not felt this historic vibe since Malala’s speech. These kids are not putting up with the status quo and these failures we are passing down to them. I am inspired and I hope you are too.

However, as an older person in Generation X who has seen movements come and go, I am worried. I’ve seen the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street both fade away into obscurity. I want more for these young people today. I desire something longer lasting for America’s future. I support changes in our guns laws in our nation. I support the 25/25 Solution for mass shootings. I go further than most by calling for the complete ban of semi-automatic weapons for both law enforcement and the public. The militarization of the police is a part of this that very few want to talk about.

My fear is that the Parkland Movement will not be bipartisan and be swallowed up by the Democrat Party and used for nefarious purposes. These young people are just starting out politically and they might not be aware of that sneaky little devil in the room. If the movement feels like this is one side of the political milieu, then everyone will run to their sides and play skins and shirts all over again and nothing will get done. There are plenty of people on the right such as myself that want change in gun laws. If this movement is put in the Democrat bottle of tricks and fancies then they will lose my support and I fear many more.

It is alright to call Trump out by name on these matters, but they better be calling out people from the left as well. People on the left calling for repealing the 2nd Amendment should be called out by name side by side with NRA types that do not even want to strengthen our background system. If the Parkland Movement follows that model this could be something very lasting. If they don’t, well us older folks have seen this before and we know exactly how this ends. If Parkland wants to be a lasting movement that changes history for the better, then keep party politics out of it and make it balanced. Don’t push me away. I am with you.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
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