Time To Secure Our Nation’s Schools

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I believe that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is in fact, a good guy with a gun. I do not understand anyone arguing otherwise. I sat here all day yesterday just watching the Parkland School massacre, just absorbing it. I used to live in Parkland and in Coral Springs, Florida; so I guess it drew me in even more than normal.

Here is the thing. While I went through these emotions all day, I thought it is time to secure our schools. This is America and we can secure any building whether it be a courtroom, hospital or school. We have to secure our assets and our assets are our kids. It is time to budget and fund this in every school in the nation. We need professional armed security for the schools and we need to rethink points of entry to the school and limit it. It is time we get smart with our education.

Maybe you know something I do not. I’m tired of this damn debate on guns, it goes nowhere every time. I mused whether I was missing something and maybe you the reader know it about this kind of thing, understood it better, have an insight I just do not have or get. I don’t see ANY magic bullet, silver bullet or magic carpet we can ride ourselves away from this happening again.

But, in my gut, I can’t get away from the feeling, that this is age-old evil vs good or right vs wrong kind of shit. I just think these are the cockroaches among us and people can keep all that social science that tries perennially to try to stop this or explain it and stick it up their ass. My point is, you can not stop the roaches, not even splitting the atom can. Roaches always find a way.

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Stoneman Douglas Victims' Fund
Stoneman Douglas Victims’ Fund

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