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Women have accomplished many great deeds all throughout history. Some became famous and others never being heard of. Ladies who make a difference in some form or fashion, and remain largely unknown for their accomplishments, are usually the best stories to tell. The basic virtues and moral messages within such a revealing are more profound. That is why I would like to tell you about a lady named, Mary Green. I guarantee that 99% of you never heard of her. Her story is a tale of strange occurrences which happened to her that was not asked for. Mary has endured the pain and hardship familiar with some of us who live life. However, it is the confusion of having to go through things we are not familiar with that makes her story so remarkable.

Mary Alayne Green moved to rural Tennessee from Ohio with her family. She began a normal existence raising a family while her husband worked. As with some marriages, there were difficult times for Mary and her husband. Consequently, Mary held fast with her determination to raise and have a good family. Taking care of the home while her husband worked out-of-town occasionally was her only focus. It was hard for Mary sometimes. Being all alone and tending to the family is stressful enough. Worrying about a failing marriage adds to what Mary had to deal with. If that wasn’t enough, this poor woman started having unexplainable events occur, for which, she had no answer for.

What kind of events? Strange and weird noises, outside of her home, were heard at night. Dark, foreboding figures darting back into the shadows around her property. Dogs and cats came up missing. She kept a fine garden, in which, she would discover most of the plants growing’s were gone. Tomatoes, with one bite taken out of them, found on the ground. Sometimes the whole garden would be decimated. She couldn’t figure it out. Mary was familiar with the surrounding area’s wildlife. The sounds she was hearing at night did not belong to any animal she ever heard. No tracks around her garden to explain the theft and destruction. Mary was ready to pull her hair out. Her husband would come home to sensational stories with no obvious answers so finally, the marriage ended.

Mary was left to raise the kids on her own. The best she could. With one worry seemingly over, the other, ‘back of the mind’ worry, was going to change her life forever. She continued to have these frustrating events when, as if an epitome suddenly entered one’s mind, she finally saw what was causing her meta-physical troubles of unknown origin. What she observed near her garden could only be classically described as a Bigfoot. She knew bear, bobcat, and all other animals in her area. This was neither. This was an upright walking, hairy creature that took off with astonishing speed and stride when the creature noticed Mary. It walked over a barbwire fence that you and I would have had to climb over. She was shocked. Mary began to think and as she did, realized that most of the occurrences she had no answer for, can now be explained. Especially the garden occurrences, having seen the creature near it. This explains some of the deep impressions around her plants she sometimes found. She suddenly found a peace of at least knowing the possible reason for her horticulture nightmares.

Mary was going to take the next step. No, she didn’t pack the kids up and high tail it out of there. Instead, she wanted to get to the bottom of this mess and find out exactly what this creature was. She began to roam her property looking for any sign and learning along the way what to look for. Writing here, annotating there. She quickly compiled a huge amount of info and started a website for people to report sightings like hers who lived in Tennessee. She talked with neighbors who described some of the same noises and thefts that she had endured. She went on excursions where some instances were so scary and dangerous; most men would have peed themselves. Not Mary. She braved the unknown and started legitimate research. People from all over the state started contacting Mary, through her website, and leaving reports. She would contact these witnesses. Investigate their claims and help to put understanding in a usually, ‘keep it to yourself’ subject. In so doing, confirming Mary’s own assumption that these creatures do exist. Other people also had encountered this beast; thusly, making Mary realize that she wasn’t crazy after all.

Anyone familiar with the Bigfoot phenomenon, and has done the research on some or all the websites and the key players in the field, are familiar with Mary Green. She is instrumental in demonstrating and with success mind you, of attracting the creature to you, instead of going out and seeking an encounter by searching. Placing various sorts of foods in strategic places allowed her to observe these creatures in more than just a random encounter experience. She has gathered an impressive array of evidence over the years. The scientific community with confirming results has analyzed some. Unclassified hairs belonging to no known animal, Anatomically correct casts of footprints, photos, and encounters with other researchers.

When it comes to hominid research, Mary Green has displayed zeal, not found easily, especially in a field dominated by men. She is the recipient of a report, which came from East Tennessee, explaining the greatest story ever told regarding Bigfoot. A story of habituation where a farmer fed and became friends with a family of Bigfoot. A story described by the granddaughter of the farmer. One in which she was a pivotal part of, as she grew up watching the Bigfoot. Telling how her grandfather had taught these creatures some English and in turn, learned some of their language. Yes, according to this story, these creatures had their own language. Mary knew how sensational this story was and co-wrote a book with the granddaughter, entitled 50 Years With Bigfoot: Tennessee Chronicles of Co-Existence. In a future article, I will summarize, probably the most unbelievable tale of Bigfoot and man, one has ever heard.

Mary Green will be remembered by some, but not by enough people if you ask me. Here is to you, Mary. Thank you for bringing to light a dark subject.

Jeff Payne

blogger, photographer, crypto-researcher
[email protected]

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