Does Corruption Go Higher Than FBI?

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Does Corruption Go Higher Than FBI

We’ve all been focused on possible corruption at the highest levels of the FBI. Many of our elected officials are claiming that there might have been malfeasance committed against the FISA courts. Illegal leaks gush like a freshwater spring and all of this chicanery is supposed to be just some rogue agents at the FBI?

Nowadays you have to make an effort to see the forest for the trees. The nation’s media is going through an era of shame and bias. Irony thunders about as we collectively celebrate the movie The Post. Nobody is really looking at the big picture. You can’t even visit the truth if all you read or hear is from the left or right. Somewhere in the middle, somewhere between the trees turned into newspapers lies the quality or state of being true. Trust itself is hiding from plain sight.

You know, I have no idea this how this is all going to pan out. However, I know some things. It was not just any FBI agent on that tarmac that day in Arizona. That was the Attorney General and the former president. That airport rendezvous just days before Bill’s wife was to sit down to be questioned did not involve any out of control agents. It certainly wasn’t any high-level agents that opened NSA’s limitless trove of warrantless and surreptitious data collected, right before Trump walks into the Whitehouse. No, that was President Obama.

At a glance, this seems to be bigger than some agents who went off the reservation. Certainly, looks vaster than some flawed warrant attempt at the FISA courts. There seems to be something going on here. How to tell when you are on to something? Well, it goes like this… People start calling you a conspiracy theorist. That is when you know, something is wrong.

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