Devin Nunes, Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks Are Kin

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Devin Nunes, Edward Snowden, and WikiLeaks are kin, if you think about it. Now depending on what side of the political fence you stand on will determine how you feel about each one of them. If you are from the left, then most likely you view Snowden as a hero and Nunes as your enemy. If you’re from the right, then you would view Nunes as an American Hero and Snowden as a traitor. See the hypocrisy here?

Now all three are doing the same thing. They are telling us stuff that the government is doing behind our backs and in our names. They all are shining light on what is mockingly called the Deep State, the shadow government that operates in the dark and covered in secret. Devin Nunes is just the latest one to shine light on the darkness and reveal some real bad stuff our government is doing. Talk to most on the left and they what Nunes removed, talk to some on the right and Snowden needs to be tried for treason. It really is quite extraordinary.

We are so divided as a country and we can’t talk to each other anymore. We are in fact two different nations. We want to govern ourselves in two different ways. As time goes by, we simply can’t get along. We don’t like each other as of late and we certainly do not hear the other. There is real measurable disdain that people on the right have for the left and vice versa. We do not like each other, and we cannot debate politics anymore. Our country is tearing ourselves apart on every level. American politics have ruined friendships and family relationships irrevocably. I’m just not sure this union can hold together anymore. I’m just not sure I want it to.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
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