White People Are Dreamers Too

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The Democrat Party seems to be having a war on white males. Nancy Pelosi made this comment about how the Trump immigration plan is really about making America white again. Forget how bizarre and completely misguided that idea is, why on Earth would they declare war on white males? The party has a huge problem with getting votes from the heart of this nation and has truly become a coastal party of elites.

The left, in general, seems to be hostile to white people and some of them are self-loathing because strangely there are these white guys that call themselves Democrats. I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that a white male in America can support that party any more than I can understand why a gay person would support Islam. This notion of white guys being the evil ones has seemed to have gone mainstream.

I’d like to ask the question, what is really wrong with the idea of making America more white? Is there something wrong with white people? Is the tanning of America good for white people? Is the Muslim birth rate taking over Europe a good thing? Is America going Latino due to birth rate a good thing? Maybe America is going to be the last place on Earth white people will be able to flourish?

If President Trump really wanted to make white people come to America he should open up another wave of immigration from Europe. I’d imagine that there are many whites in Germany that do not like where their country is headed. Surely the Muslim migration going on in large parts of Europe has to be something of a real problem for those nations. Maybe millions would like to come here?

What if we opened up immigration and let two hundred million white people come to America? That would certainly beat back the Latino birth rate currently on the way to making whites a minority in our nation. All I know is as a white male, I do not like the feeling of this attitude from the Democrat Party towards me and I could never support them in any way. I mean, after all, white people are dreamers too.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
[email protected]


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