Congress Needs To Ban Pharmaceutical TV Ads

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Pharmaceutical television ads are completely out of control. It is beyond offensive to see and hear these ads, they are flat out disgusting. Just hearing their side effects and their claims of possible death are anathematic to a peaceful day. Not to mention the inappropriate TV ads from Viagra or Cialis that our young children have to be exposed to.

Now I’m Generation X and when I grew up there were many commercials that were banned for this reason or another. I remember when liquor ads were banned while beer and wine ads were allowed. It was nonsensical, but we did have control over what could come across on our public airways. Today it seems to be a free for all of Big Pharma ads trying to sell us this or that. I’m not even sure how it works. I’ve never seen a pharmaceutical ad and rushed into my doctor’s office asking for it. So, I don’t even understand why they are running the ads.

The money pharmaceutical companies spend with countless millions on TV advertising while charging us insane prices for their pills is something that needs to be looked at. Something seems totally out of whack with it all. This is the role of Congress. Why are they allowing so many of these ads? The ads show up around the clock and in the most awkward situations. It is uncomfortable and I’m tired of it. I know I can’t be alone.

I know our country faces bigger problems than this. However, we can chew gum and walk at the same time. I’m also sure these companies have Congress in their pockets and nothing will be done about any of this. The whole system is so corrupt that I won’t hold my breath waiting for something to be done about any of this. In the meanwhile, if I see another commercial about rushing to the hospital because of a four-hour erection, my head will explode. Oh wait, they’ll come up with a pill for that too, I’m sure.

C. Rich
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