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White Famous is a Lionsgate TV and Showtime co-production, based on the life of Jamie Foxx, premiered on October 15, 2017. It has ten episodes for the first season. The reviews were mixed at best but bad if honest. I watched every minute of this show and cannot believe that anyone or anybody said a bad word about this show. What universe are these people from to shit on this quality show?

This show is smart. The show is certainly not just a comedy, but it is damn funny. the show’s writing was so elevated for its genre that I am left wondering if this is not good enough, then what the hell is. Apparently, the show is also some kind of spin-off from the show Californication. Well, I never saw that TV show and I did not need to. It was stand alone to me and if there are characters that blended over to this show I care less.

We all know that the movies suck now. They are so horrible that I can’t remember the last time I went to the theaters. All of the talent is on TV now and not the main networks but everything from Netflix to some obscure cable channel. That is where the writing is and where you can find the best acting. Unless you are into superheroes and children’s cartoons, the movie theater has become a thing of the past. There is way too much going on in TV to trap yourself in a movie theater and risk head lice.

White Famous is worth seeing despite what you might hear otherwise. I had no idea what to expect when I started watching but each episode brought me closer and closer to being a real fan. The casting was so spot on that I could not imagine anyone else playing those parts. Michael Rapaport, Jay Pharoah, and Jacob Ming-Trent are so in sync that we should start asking is this the next Brat Pack. Any person that says something negative about this show is an asshole. Just an asshole…

UPDATE: Well, the assholes won. Hollywood Reported announced on 12/30/17 that White Famous wasn’t able to raise its profile quite enough. Showtime has canceled the comedy after just one season. https://goo.gl/VVbDKv


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