Paul Ryan Attacks America’s Safety Net Again

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Paul Ryan is apparently going to retire next year and has claimed he wants Welfare Reform before he exits. He calls programs, that we all collectively pay for, entitlements. The man has spent his entire political career dreaming of tearing down our safety nets because he believes you will go back to work. His concepts hold no basis in reality and are not wanted by the vast majority of Americans.

The Republican Party has brought one horrible policy after the other. America wanted no part of the healthcare bill. They reject this tax bill and now Paul says he wants to go after Medicare, Medicaid, and others. It is amazing; while they were in power they never tried to put forth ideas that are popular. It is really nuts if you think about it. Paul and his ilk have strayed so far from the populist promises in the presidential campaign and have shoved one conservative cum-shot after the other down our throats. It really is like a rape. It’s a political rape or assault on our way of life and Trump seems to have no problem going along with it.

Paul’s ideas are evil, and they are pernicious. People will be hurt and yes people will die because of it. We all have to do everything we can to stop Ryan, Trump, and the Republicans from tearing down our society. These people have no problem printing up the money for the Banksters in 2008. They have no problem printing up money for endless war. They never miss an opportunity to give some big corporation some corporate welfare.

Yet, they perennially try to attack people’s medical care, food stamps, CHIP program for the kids and every damn part of the safety net we all built and paid for. These political scamps must be stopped, and we have to make the modern Republican Party, in its current form, extinct. I thought that was what the 2016 presidential election was about when Trump wiped out sixteen usual suspects. Yet, Trump has been rolled by all of them. I am so disgusted that I once supported this liar. Trump will be gone in a few years, it’s that Conservative Swamp we need to turn our collective heads to.

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