BLOODY NEWSROOM – How Fake News from One Station Drove Another Newsroom’s Staff to be Murdered Live on TV

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Follow along as I connect the dots and show you how the actions of the Press surrounding George Zimmerman and the Trayvon Martin shooting, led directly to the death of Alison Parker and Adam Ward. In case you do not remember, they were the two members of the Press that were shot dead on the air while conducting a live television interview on August 26, 2015.

This book is strictly my opinion of certain events. I am not an investigative reporter. This book is based on my memory of things, of which I could be wrong. It is opinion, not fact. Do not believe a word of this story without independently verifying it for yourself. Which is exactly what I want you to do. You will be shocked.


Chapter One

Florida is famous for many things from Disney World to the Florida Everglades and so much more. However, as of late, it has become the epicenter of the battle over the Stand Your Ground Law. Lately, Florida has just become known as the place you can shoot young black males with impunity. The State of Florida has been painted to be something like the killing fields of Cambodia or maybe like The Hunger Games. Here, if you believe the press, overzealous gun owners run around with concealed weapon permits hunting down young virulent black males to slay as trophy pieces for right-wing causes and second amendment nuts.

I can tell you the press has never had such a strong hold on alternate realities and propagating falsehoods as it does today. George Zimmerman’s and Michael Dunn’s of the world will feel safe to act out inner fantasies of the Wild West with their carry permits and kill all the black people. If you believe the growing narrative put out by the media, you would think that. The press has painted a picture nationally that men in Florida, when confronted with a situation where they know they can’t win a fistfight, just pull out their legally owned handgun and kill the dude and it is all just fine according to the law.

If you are outside looking in at our state, I can tell you that you have no idea how screwed up it is to watch the news some days. There are nearly twenty million people who live in Florida from every ethnic background under the sun, but when you gaze upon the state government in Tallahassee, it looks more like a NASCAR race and that angers people with a left-wing agenda. When people outside Florida look at our state, do they throw their hands up publicly musing why this or how can they do that? To the rest of the nation, Florida seems like a dangerous place for black people, thanks to the press. Black people who live or visit here are in grave danger if you were to believe what you see on the television. The shooting death of Trayvon Martin and the George Zimmerman trial was how this current black-white divide first got started here. The alternate reality that the press created, in this case, should be a case study taught in colleges across the nation in what George Orwell called Newspeak. Almost everything the public believes about the circumstances surrounding the shooting death of Trayvon Martin is completely false. The press put forth false narratives and created a template about race that became very poisonous. The question is, why?


Chapter Two

The Casey Anthony trial, the George Zimmerman trial, and the Michael Dunn trial or what was called The Loud Music Trial have put Florida in the spotlight in every unscrupulous way conceivable. The Stand Your Ground Law was signed into law by former Governor Jeb Bush and was part of Jeb’s state agenda to free the people up to do many things. He made it legal to drive your motorcycle without a helmet and made some moves to create more of an individual-rights-based approach to governing. It was a freedom agenda and an attempt to return personal freedom to the individual and scale back government. Part of this agenda included the notion that we as citizens had the right to defend ourselves from threats outside of our homes. Until the Stand Your Ground Law, only in your home could you meet a threat with deadly force with very little questions asked in Florida. Jeb expanded that notion beyond the home and into the public sphere whether it be at work or anywhere you were legally allowed to be. With all that in mind, the law became the focus of the nation in the George Zimmerman trial. Despite the fact that two dozen other states have similar laws, thanks to the Zimmerman trial, the country laser-focused on Florida.

One of the disturbing false narratives that the press created is that the Stand Your Ground Law had something to do with either the Zimmerman or the Loud Music Trial when it did not. Neither men invoked that law or even had a Stand Your Ground Hearing before their trial, yet somehow those two men became the national face of the law. It is an incredible falsehood that was created by the press and people with a political agenda to connect these trials to that law. The Stand Your Ground Law had nothing whatsoever to do with the so-called Loud Music Trial of Michael Dunn or the Zimmerman Trial, but most people would never know that following the press reports.

Key aspects of the character of Trayvon Martin was either hidden from the public, intentionally left out or mischaracterized, to such a level as to create an entirely new person for the public to absorb. The press created and pushed the narrative that Trayvon Martin was just buying candy at the store and was profiled, then was shot down for no reason. The violent or angry personality of Trayvon was ignored or hidden from view. In place of the angry young black male, we got served up a Skittles and Arizona Ice Tea narrative. The true behavior or nature of Martin was buried in a mountain of political correctness, national liberal agendas, and white guilt. Never once did we come close to examining the acts of Trayvon Martin that brought him to his fate. The truth was in the way of creating a national movement giving birth to the next generation of race profiteers.

It all started with that trial and then the movement changed and attached itself to excessive force with policing in our nation. Now they had their national movement. Now they had people in the streets and a 21st century black and white divide to plunder. The match was lit in Ferguson, Missouri and cities started to burn. We had our mantras like “hands up” but we did not have the truth. It was an incredible sequence of events that created a 21st century tear in race relations in America and fed an industry of decades-old race racketeering for profit. Everybody started to cash in. People started selling t-shirts, TV stations started to sell ad space on the news and lawyers started suing anyone they could, like a homeowner association where George Zimmerman lived. The so-called movement was off in running. Only the truth was left behind.


Chapter Three

The now-former President of The United States of America, Barrack Obama, hoped aloud that after the incident in Massachusetts with Professor Gates of Harvard University being arrested by the cops, that he wanted all of us to start talking about race. He ostensibly yearned for an honest discussion about race relations in America. The problem with that is that it seems almost impossible. How can it be possible, when the discussion seems to be one of how bad the white man is and the digging up of the slave days?

It seems to me that blacks want this discussion as long as the argument leans towards how bad the white man is and not an honest look of all of our contributions to this lack of harmony in today’s modern world. White people are forced into politically correct corners, where we have to play the part of the villain and hang that guilt around our collective necks. I have sat back since we had elected our first black President, which was only possible with white votes and I’ve been sick watching the state of the race get worse. The first black Attorney General of the country called us all cowards when it came to talking about race. How many of us really think he was calling black people cowards? Was he calling Latino’s cowards? I think not.

That is another layer of all of this. When it comes to Latinos we cannot have a frank conversation about race without also including them as a group. I watched Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor get away with publicly saying before she became a justice, that a wise Latino woman could come to a “better” decision than an old white man. Now knowing that this would have completely destroyed a white man if he said something like that in reverse, how did she get away with it? It would have ended his career. You tell me if we are going to be colorblind and that statement would destroy a white man, then why shouldn’t it destroy a Latina woman? Not only that but when we looked into Sonia’s views on the four black men in the city of New Haven that failed the civil service exam, she immediately sided with the “race card” element and threw out the passing scores of the one Hispanic and nineteen white firefighters. Is that racism? If so, does this say that racism against whites and one scapegoat Hispanic man is acceptable to her? If we want equality, then equal is equal and that woman should have never been confirmed for the Supreme Court.

Let’s consider this and get a little bit deeper. The demographics of North America are trending towards Hispanics. Central America, South America, and North America, in forty or fifty years, will be primarily of Hispanic descent. It is just the pure numbers of their birth rate. Europe and its demographics will become primarily Muslim; the western hemisphere of the planet will be primarily Hispanic, including the United States of America.

We are in the middle of a difficult decade with race issues in America and my aim for the book is narrow. I want this book to contribute to the discussion about race in our country. I want the black community to hear from a particular white perspective that they might not have heard before and or are uncomfortable with. And lastly, I want to shine a light on the press and show how their role led to murder.

Let’s talk about that incident in Massachusetts that resulted in the so-called beer summit at the White House. A professor from Harvard University misplaced the keys to his house and he tried to get in the front door without the key. A neighbor saw this and called the police thinking someone was trying to rob the house. When the police showed up the professor became belligerent with the cops and was taken away in handcuffs after the professor would not stop. After this, we witnessed the President of the United States publicly jump on a bunch of white cops before ever knowing what really happened. It was his knee jerk reaction. For him to have immediately jumped to his conclusions and lecture those police officers about race, shows exactly why we need a complete and honest conversation about racism. The president called what those cops did “stupid,” when in reality, the stupidity reeked from what the black professor from Harvard did. This episode was very revealing if someone wanted to know where the former president’s heart was at in this regard to race. Of course, we could never truly know where someone’s heart is about anything or try to determine motives. However, I found his knee-jerk reaction to that incident illuminating.

Everyone knows that the demographics of this country are headed towards making white people the minority. Is what we are seeing similar to what happened in South Africa when apartheid came to an end? The black revenge was catastrophic when the white minority and his power were taken down. The blacks took the white’s land, gang-raped their woman and plunged South Africa into darkness and graveyard of failure that still exists today.

Back in America, whites are busy worrying about their “right to choose” and aborting our babies and our white race out of demographic existence, while at the same time Hispanics are bringing in new lives and steadily raising their numbers in America. We are as white people, literally on the cliff of demographic irrelevance. Do you want an honest debate about race? Then let’s have one.

Let’s talk about the black community. Here are some common views spoke amongst white people when talking about race with no black person present. These are some things I have personally heard out of the mouths of white people over the years:

“I want you to tell me why it is, that when I drive into many black neighborhoods, that there are bars on the windows and it looks like a war-zone? Tell me about the state of those neighborhoods. Explain that to me. What is with all the bars? Are they not aware that is a fire hazard? Do they not realize if they have a house fire that they are stuck inside due to the bars?

Tell me why, when there is a black person in the Supreme Court, black people in Congress and the White House, why the black community can still have excuses or blame whites for their plight? Why, if they can rise all the way to the White House, can blacks still complain about white oppression?”

We cannot have an honest discussion of the race while white people hide in the political correct closet and get into the intellectual fetal position. Those are some common quotes of white people in my life that I have heard regarding race.

For me, as far as the cops go, I am so sick of the complaint by blacks that say whites would not get arrested for this or that. It does not ring true for me. If a white man smarts off at a cop and won’t stop, they are going to jail too, just like Professor Gates of Harvard. How on earth this lie, that whites wouldn’t go to jail, is perpetrated is beyond me. White people are dragged out of their own homes in cuffs every day. What planet are they living on? Smart off to a cop, don’t stop and you’re going to jail; I don’t care what the color of your skin is.

I saw the former Attorney General Eric Holder, the press and President Obama with all his friends stirring the pot of race relations in America. For me, nothing could be clearer, but why are they doing this?

Here is your test. If a white guy could get in trouble with what they are doing or saying, then it is wrong that all races don’t live by the same standard. Either we are equal or we are headed towards South Africa. Just don’t tell me that white people can verbally attack some cop inside their home, then follow him outside and continue the verbal attack like Professor Gates did and not be arrested just because they are white. If that is your intellectual argument, then I’m sorry we will never see eye-to-eye.

I want to attempt a conversation with this book, but I will not surrender my common sense and my pragmatism to have it. This is America. It is the 21st century. Slavery is over. Demographics are king. And as a white man, I don’t have much time left in the majority and to talk about race from that viewpoint.

Have you ever heard white people claim they are not racists? I never listen to white people who would lecture me on how we all should treat blacks when it is clear they never truly had friends in the black community from what I can see. I could always tell these liberal white hypocrites a mile away. They would say things like, I’m not racist, and I have a black friend at work or something along those lines. It was pure hypocrisy to claim they were free of racist thoughts when you know damn well that if their daughter little Susie would start dating Leroy, they would have a whole new stance on this subject. There are different levels of racism, but most of us have some level of racism in us, black or white. I think it is destructive to deny that fact of human nature. Two studies recently found 6 to 9 month-old infants showed racial-based bias.

Racism is also a generational thing or so we are told. Take an old black or old white guy any day and compare the difference with their stance on race with younger generations. We are told that people from an older generation are the problem and when they are gone, things will change. However, it was not old people singing to hang black people on that bus in Oklahoma in the year 2015. It was young white males from that fraternity that got splattered all over the news. It wasn’t old racists that burned down Baltimore in that same year. It was black high school kids who saw and wanted to mimic the movie The Purge. In both cases, it was the younger people, so maybe that generational argument we hear so often holds no truth in reality. Almost everything we are told turns out to be wrong when you shine the light of day on it. How does this happen each time? Is it white guilt? The black community loves white guilt and will pounce on the benefits of that flaw in us every time if you give them a chance. I don’t blame them on that one. It is human nature to succeed in life on the shoulders of someone’s faults. I have had black friends laugh aloud telling me how they worked the race card on different occasions. It is just the way it is. If the former Attorney General Holder wants all of us not to be cowards when talking about race, then I will try to adhere to his call with this book.

If any of you predictable people want to label me a racist for my opinions, when I breach this honestly about the subject, then I would say to you go research the sign that hung all over America “INNA,” Irish Need Not to Apply, in many businesses not too long ago and learn what that meant. I would say to you, that I’m third generation Irish-American and my family has not been here that long. So, I don’t suffer from white guilt. We never owned black people. So, if you want to call me a racist then that is fine. I do have a certain level of racism in me. I believe we all do. I do not believe in the argument you are or you are not. I believe in degrees of racism. I would say that my degree might be lower or higher than others. However, it is there and it exists and I want to talk about it. It is also my opinion that this country hasn’t been in such bad shape in regards to race since the nineteen sixties or seventies. With the arrival of our first black president, we have seen all the years of progress torn apart. Why is that so?


Chapter Four

In the bigger view, what stokes the race fire in America more than anything is the misleading press on TV. A recent and good example of this is the anemic intellectuals in the whole frame of thought that has taken hold, that Trayvon Martin was just a kid buying candy who was profiled. If someone points the finger at you and says that you are a racist for pointing this out, beware of the messenger pointing that finger. It is a mistake on the shoulders of white people to take a defensive stance about the truth.

So, let’s take the offensive and debunk these misnomers. Trayvon Martin was not an angel. If we don’t agree with that and who he was, then all it means is that we don’t agree, but the black community is not allowed their own set of facts on Trayvon Martin. The black community was wrong about O.J. Simpson and they are wrong about Trayvon.

For a lot of us, we simply don’t trust the press to bring light to the truth of these falsehoods. We just don’t believe a word the press says anymore. What do you expect? We are white people. We are not deaf, dumb and blind people.

The press never once spent a minute entertaining the alternative point of view. Over and over again the press reigns untruths down on the American landscape about what happened between George and Trayvon that night. Now you tell me, how on Earth does any of these falsehoods have anything to do with justice? Also, do blacks really believe white Americans are violent racists in mass numbers? It seems like that sometimes. What planet are you from if you accept that notion? How could America elect twice a black president if it is so racist? No possible way could we re-elect the guy if we were so bad, it had nothing to do with the color of his skin. Votes are speech and they matter. The words people use matter too.

For example, I remember when the word “Negro” set off a firestorm when the Democrat Majority Leader of the Senate, at the time, Harry Reid used it in public. This is a word that will always spark indignation among political correct whites, but not when it comes from their liberal side of the aisle. Let’s talk about how black people speak. Every generation of immigrants loses their accent and speech patterns by the third generation of living in America. However, Negro talk or Negro dialect is not something that ever went away. The slaves’ ships from Africa long ago stopped coming to our ports, so why have some black people’s speech patterns not assimilated like every single other group?

It wasn’t too long ago schools and libraries were banning Mark Twain books over words and speech. We don’t have to go so far back in time to see where this subject touched our public mindset.

It was just a hop, skip and a jump ago when the School Board of Oakland pushed to classify so-called “EBONICS” as a second language. They pushed for Negro Talk or Ebonics to be considered bilingual and called for funds to be available for teaching a second language and passed it on December 18th, 1996. It was called the Original Oakland Resolution on Ebonics.

Any attempt to sweep this subject under the rug using the argument, that this is some dated subject matter that has no place in the public arena in the 21st century, doesn’t hold water. If you do not think that the way black Americans speak divides us, then you’re not paying attention. The truth is right in front of your eyes every day. America has not risen above this subject matter to some enlightened plain of conscientiousness but rather struggles with these issues today. Some liberals even say Negro speech does not exist. I’ve actually listened to people making this argument; it is crazy to hear. Ebonics speech is as real as the Queen’s English and any attempt to make believe it does not exist is disingenuous at the very least, but liberals do that. It is intellectual cowardliness to say there is no Negro dialect, but taking taxpayer money to fund the teaching of it, is nuts. There is no hope for America to rise above these issues if we are not honest with each other. So, can we at least not be shallow when we approach the subject of race in America and all the subject lines that circle this vast introspective debate?


Chapter Five

During this 21st century racial strife era in America, things got nasty between blacks and whites. As of late, some older blacks in this country have kick-started that old sixties mantra of race dysfunction spearheaded by the race pimp Jesse Jackson himself. He called the NBA team owners, slave owners of plantations. This is a perfect example. Jesse once again injected himself in something he had nothing to do with and called LeBron James a runaway slave. In the most provocative way, Jesse used language that set-in-motion all the race provocateurs in this country and pitted white against black once again.

I feel until these old black men from the civil rights era leave the limelight, we will never have peace in this nation. They just instigate and keep this strife going. These old black guys like Jackson and Sharpton who are part of the problem were never held to account. They will say there has been progressing on race relations, but they do not seem to act on that progress with how they carry themselves. They raise fortunes pitting whites against blacks and try to stay relevant by stirring the race pot every chance they get. When MSNBC gave Al Sharpton a TV show and a daily platform at a 6 pm timeslot, then later Sunday mornings, many white people stood in utter shock. That single act did so much damage to race relations in America. It signaled that the corporations were behind tearing us all apart. Imagine if Fox News gave David Duke the six o’clock hour to spread his worldview. What would that have said about the black community? How would they feel about that? Well, that is how many whites felt about NBC pulling a stunt like that with Sharpton. The press has a role in what is going on with race in our nation. This is a crystal-clear example.

Are we supposed to just not notice all the interracial couples that are the norm today? Are we to make believe there has been no progress on race? They want us to not notice black people ran this government from The White House to the top cop in the Attorney General’s Office. These race instigators want us to hang on to racism so they can raise more money from it in my opinion.

Whether it is Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, these seem to be angry black men from an older generation that have no grip on the desire of many white people to get along. The behavior and words of these men and others like them just stir the pot of racism every time they get involved.

These men do not have a right to keep this anathema going in this country. They are not exempt from our criticisms and opinions. We have all heard about the angry white male when the press refers to the Tea Party. Well, it is the time we call out and speak honestly about the angry black male. Without openly speaking of this component as part of the problem, we simply cannot have an honest conversation about race.

Many stories of race have unfolded over the last several years where blacks pulled the race card out. One example was Joanne Hannah, the mother of the girlfriend of the Manchester Mass Murderer Omar Thornton, she allegedly claimed that co-workers at the beer plant, where the mass murderer worked, called Omar, the shooter, the “N” word. I was amazed that someone would take this monster and try to make him the victim. He got caught stealing beer on camera at the beer warehouse he worked at and they asked him to resign or be fired. He signed the papers and resigned and then before he left the building he pulled a gun out of his lunchbox and murdered eight co-workers before turning the gun on himself.

In many cases, black people use the race card to turn the tables on something not going their way. In truth, it is more of a get out of jail free card than anything else. My black friends throughout the years have explained how it works to me. In most cases, they don’t even feel racism but know they can use this from time to time to take advantage of white guilt. That is just the brutal truth of it, like it or not.

Now to pull this crap with the mass murder is a little too much for me. Immediately, when I started to hear this claim in the press that union co-workers went around every day calling Omar the “N” word, my bullshit meter went off. In my life, I have seen a white man call a black man the “N” word to his face only a handful of times. I could count it on one hand and usually, it came from some crazy person that was not right in the head. Now, in this case, the woman who is the mother of the girlfriend of the shooter has painted an unbelievable picture of alleged workplace racism, which does not pass the smell test.

She claimed that most of his co-workers would openly walk around calling this guy the “N” word and do it to his face every day at work. Now I have watched corporations transform since the 1980s into entities that are beyond politically correct. The workplace in America is all about sensitivity training and putting people through classes about sexism, racism and whatever the latest politically correct complaint is. Everywhere I’ve ever worked, if you even want to hit on a woman in the workplace, you would have to be overly careful she would be receptive to your advances, as not to be accused of sexual harassment.

Now in the middle of this enlightened, politically correct, sensitive workplace environment in America, are we now to believe people can just go around calling black people the “N” word to their faces every day during one’s shift? No, that just doesn’t feel right to me. I wasn’t surprised to hear that this guy never filed a complaint with his bosses or his union. I wasn’t surprised to see that the co-workers, who survived this massacre, were shocked to hear this racism claim, including other blacks.

However, there is absolutely no proof that the beer distributor, who has union employees, ever had this kind of racially charged environment. Yet this is what the press reported. Anyone who knows what a union job is knows there are many rules to a union workplace and there are many things the employer cannot get away with. On the top of the list would be allowing some work environment where you can go around calling union workers the “N” word all day long. No, I am sorry, but this is all fallacious nonsense. That terrible word will end up in the ashbin of derogatory terms one day, but no way is this disgusting appellation used like that at a union workplace, not a chance.

Watching the mainstream press report this without shining a light on the obvious is just another example that nothing you see on the news is real. We will never get anywhere with race in America if white people accept a spurious story like this. Even if it was true, the sticks and stones defense for mass murder just don’t cut the mustard.


Chapter Six

The state of civil unrest that took hold in America as of late all started with the George Zimmerman trial. On the night of February 26th, 2012, George Zimmerman was driving home from the store when he saw a black male wearing a hoodie go behind the townhomes of his subdivision in the rain and darkness. George being an off-duty neighborhood watchman and knowing that his subdivision had been under assault from young black males doing home invasions and robberies, got on his phone, and called the cops and started to follow the guy who was walking behind people’s homes in the rain.

The person was wearing a hoodie and was a guy visiting his father from Miami that went by the name Trayvon Martin. Trayvon realized he was being followed behind the homes and he circled around the buildings and attacked George in the dark according to a friend Trayvon was speaking to on the phone. Trayvon repeatedly smashed George’s head on the corner of a cement sidewalk according to a witness. Before George blacked out from the blows or lost his life, his legally owned pistol went off in the struggle and Trayvon Martin was killed. Bleeding from all over his head and face, he stood up and called back the police and told them what happened. The policed interviewed George for hours, treated his wounds medically and sent him home, no arrest was made. The police chief said at the time that Zimmerman had a right to defend himself. Then Al Sharpton got involved.

I’m sure you as the reader do not have to guess what happened next. Al Sharpton and the usual suspects stirred the race pot and along with six weeks of misleading press coverage including edited 911 calls attempting to make George look like a racist and the constant airing of very young pictures of Trayvon; Sharpton got his arrest. Under orchestrated and fallacious race related pressure, Governor Rick Scott sent a prosecutor named Angela Corey down to Sanford from Jacksonville, and in my opinion, violated George Zimmerman’s civil rights, and charged him with second-degree murder and manslaughter. The press pushed a successful fraudulent narrative that Trayvon was just some young kid who was coming home from the convenience store with Skittles and Ice Tea. Even President Barrack Obama said if he had a boy he would look like Trayvon. They pushed a storyline in where Trayvon was minding his own business when he was profiled and then stalked by George Zimmerman.

It was one of the most successful lies I have ever seen. To this day people believe that untruth. To this day the press still shows pictures of Trayvon as a young kid and not what he looked like at age of seventeen on the night of the shooting. It is a pattern with other similar shootings. This method of misleading people in this kind of situation with using childhood pictures of the black person involved still goes on today and is quite disturbing.

During the trial, the true nature of how violent Trayvon Martin really was, would not be allowed to be seen in court in front of the jury. The fact that Trayvon was picking fights with other people so he could perfect his fighting skills and brag about it on texts to a friend of his was kept from the jury. And, that he at the time, was suspended from school because of some similar bad behavior was ignored by the mainstream press. That was also kept from the jury. Sadly, if a boxing trainer could have gotten a hold of Trayvon and got him into that sport, he might still be alive today.

On July 13th, 2013, a jury acquitted Zimmerman of second-degree murder and manslaughter despite every single misleading force that tried to pull justice another way. That was a miracle notwithstanding George Zimmerman’s odd behavior since the trial. However, the false narrative of Skittles, Ice Tea, profiling and hoodies still exists today in place of reality. This entire situation became the first building block in the house of lies about race and became the impetus for an ongoing movement based on falsehoods.


Chapter Seven

We have had enough movies, press and guilt propaganda to understand where that anger comes from. We have all seen Eddie Murphy movies highlighting how blacks can use that anger perception to their advantage like in the movie 48 Hours. What we do not have any of, is the understanding of the fact that no white person alive today ever owned any slaves and most don’t want to act as if they did. Most white people are as disconnected to the anathema of slavery in America as much as most black Americans are disconnected from being African. We have no more of life experience of owning a cotton plantation than most blacks in America have a life experience of what it is like to live in the jungles of Africa. Whites in our nation do not expect black people to be half naked running through town with spears in their hands and blacks should not expect whites to run around with whips and nooses in the 21st century ready to hang a brother.

There must be an understanding from both sides to end this division once and for all. The only way to end this is to face it. White people, for a plethora of reasons, will not publicly defend a white viewpoint or truly voice their strong and diverse points of contention. So, blacks have no idea where whites are coming from in the modern age. We do not all think alike. This is how I see what has been going on and though I certainly cannot speak for all white people, do you think I am alone?

With the arrival of our first black president, we have seen all the years of progress torn apart. Why is that so? Of course, a lot of it started when the country was exposed to the kill-whitey church that Obama spent twenty years in. We remember of course Barrack’s claim that he never heard such hateful speech from Rev. Jeremiah Wright in those decades he went to service there. However, we gave Obama a chance anyway. That said more about us as Americans than it did about that Preacher or Obama.

Another spark with this race debate was watching our President jump on a bunch of white cops and take the side of a black professor before he even knew the facts. When that happened, millions of whites that voted for him were incredulous. I wasn’t; I remembered the church he went to, but others were shocked. For the first time, white America got a look into the window of our former president’s soul.

Watching the president turn this into some racial profiling debate was like Winnie the Pooh blaming Nemo for stealing his honey. Nemo is a fish; it’s not even in the same ballpark. It was apples and carrots that he was debating there. It did, however, show white America where his thought process was.

In the bigger view, what stokes the race fire in America more than anything is liberal white people on TV. The anemic intellectuals that keep saying over and over, that people who don’t agree with a health care approach or something political the left is against, are racists, must take some blame. They certainly own a lot of the blame. To watch some bias pundit, proclaim that we all are upset at town hall meetings because Obama is black was gasoline on fire on the Obama era.

Making believe that this country did not have the same reaction when the Clintons tried healthcare is disingenuous. It is not just one or two people out there that claimed if we disagree with the former president, that we were racists. It is a whole frame of thought that has taken hold. If someone points the finger at you and says that you are a racist, immediately you are put in a defensive stance.

Let’s take the offensive and debunk that misnomer. Nobody cared what color the former president’s skin was; when he is wrong, he is wrong. When we don’t agree, all it means is that we don’t agree. For a lot of us we simply didn’t trust President Obama. We just don’t believe a word he says even today. What do you expect? When we saw the man standing in front of a crowd, live on TV, tell them he never said he was for a single payer system and in the same news cycle watch a tape of him saying that very thing; it is clear. The man lies.

The man did not tell us the truth. When he tells us that ninety-five percent of the people won’t see a tax increase and then tries to levee Cap and Trade on our energy companies who will double our power bill, what do you expect? When we watch him swear an oath on the Bible to uphold the constitution and then give us dozens of Czars, what do you expect? Are you to tell us this man has taught constitutional law but doesn’t know Czars are a violation of the Constitution? What are we supposed to do when we hear him complain how he was left with a trillion-dollar debt and his answer to this is to triple that debt? I can go on and on here. Don’t get me started with, you can keep your own doctor with Obamacare crap. The man was and is a liar.

It is now a fact, not an opinion, that his actions did not match his words. Over and over again, Obama untruths reigned down on the American landscape. Now you tell me, how on earth does any of this have anything to do with the color of his skin?


Chapter Eight

I am absolutely no fan of law enforcement. I have had my own problems with them. But, man oh man, I don’t go reaching into police cars and getting into fights with cops like Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri did. There is literally no future in that. Another thing I do not understand is why is Al Sharpton allowed to constantly cause this kind of trouble with the races, the police, and the tax man? Former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani claimed on TV that Sharpton owes over four million dollars in taxes. Why does Wesley Snipes go to prison over unpaid taxes and Al Sharpton does not have to? Why does Wesley Snipes become a convicted felon and Al Sharpton becomes a frequent guest of President Obama at the White House while getting his own TV show to spread his hate?

There are so many questions that surround all this that need answers. The Staten Island incident where the cops choked out and killed Eric Garner on film in broad daylight over un-taxed cigarettes came later and completed the shift in focus of the protesters to policing in America. Ironically, that incident on Staten Island should have been the one to set off protests from the very beginning. The Black Community was complexly justified with this killing to march, yet for some reason, the movement based their beginnings on a house built on falsehoods around Trayvon Martin. Another example was in North Charleston, South Carolina with the killing of Walter Scott caught on film. Here, once again, a police officer killing was caught on tape, but the black community did not march and take to the streets. It is very strange if one thinks about it. The black community marched over events that were not true and stayed home when it was clear they should have protested.

I have long since been screaming about the policing in this country and was sad to see this subject matter become a black-white community issue. The truth is, we are all affected by the state of out of control law enforcement. I can write a whole book about all the crap they have done over the years from Tasering old and pregnant women to defrauding the federal government out of money from New Orleans pre-Katrina. We have a lot of problems in America with law enforcement and we have created a prison industry that has locked up more people than China, Iran, and North Korea. There are many ugly truths to face as a nation to clean this all up, but sadly, now it has devolved into some black oppression issue, which is only one layer of the big picture. Lack of social mobility, vast divides between rich and poor and a complete failure of governmental leadership on every level feed the madness.

Police officers are the only government employees that have arresting power and are giving the power to kill. The problem is this responsibility was too much for a lot of these public servants. We as a country, have never taken a good look at this issue. They do not even keep statistics on how many people the cops kill each year in our nation. The number by some estimates would be very shocking to a lot of Americans. However, the presidency of Donald Trump will not be digging into any of this. Law enforcement will go unchallenged during this period. We have gone back to the mantra that all cops are heroes and lock everyone up and throw away the key. Even the people from the right politically who worked with the left on easing up our prison industry lay silent in the shadows of Attorney General Jeff Session and his instruction to prosecutors to max out everyone’s prison sentence. The Trump era will not be on the right side of this subject matter.


Chapter Nine

The ghost of Walter Cronkite looms in the shadows of today’s press. With yet another 20th century press icon passing on to the afterlife, one can’t help but notice many of these press icons have no replacement in today’s media. No one is left behind that can fill their shoes in their absence.

Walter Cronkite is just another example of this. His legacy could be narrowed down into one word, “objectivity.” The way that newsman would deliver the news, left no traces of personal bias. We never had to be enraged watching the evening news by seeing the personal bias of the anchor dripping all over our screen. Objective news reporting has become a thing of the past. Now we just pick our favorite bullshit artist and go with that.

We have to bounce back and forth on both sides of the liberal and conservative media, so we can find the truth, which always resides in the middle. We have no more middlemen. Walter along with Tim Russert was the last of the Mohicans and for people like me. They will both be sorely missed. It is quite a sad state of affairs when one realizes the echo chamber talking heads we are left with. It is gravitas itself that I will miss with men like Walter and Tim. The men of stature and weight have moved on and have left the world with posers and people who have failed with the task of truth and a free press. There is not a single news anchor left today who has earned anything but our disdain. The rest are cartoons in a cartoon graveyard.

People always point to technology or all the different choices we have now to get the news as some excuse why the evening news ratings have plummeted. However, this is nonsense. If we had a single news network anchor that we could trust, it wouldn’t matter how many choices we had. We would follow that trust and stand with that person, but none of them held our loyalty. The dying network newscast has stopped being appointment TV not because of technology and choice. It is dying because of the anchors, plain and simple. The blame lies with them, even if they want to hide behind these excuses. If they were the best at what they did, America would gravitate towards excellence. The Brian Williams of the world and the others like him have destroyed any sense of trust between the America People and the Press today.

Traditional broadcast networks are for the most part hanging on to relevance and are no longer the profitable businesses they once were because of this lack of trust. Their position in the 21st century is one of extinction at best. The world has passed them by, yet there is no self-acknowledgment of this on their part. There is no big shake-up within to try to survive; it simply is not happening. They are not changing anything and what they are doing to race relations in this country is measurable. I think we are witnessing the suicide of a network news division. When you see someone trying to kill themselves off, you holler out loud and try to stop it but this current crowd is tone deaf. They do not hear the sound of ice cracking beneath their northeast elitist feet. They do not seem to operate with any standards.

Did Dan Rather meet these standards when he destroyed his career and our trust while holding on to a proven false story about President George W. Bush? Did Brian Williams meet these high bars when he destroyed his credibility with war-time visions of grandeur and exaggerations? Do we hold George Stephanopoulos to The Journalist Creed when he is exposed as a political hack masquerading as a network news anchor? As we look around the media landscape the evening news anchor is the last place we go to for truthful press reports nowadays. All of the major news networks have debased themselves in this regard. There is too much corporate interest being served. There are blurred lines with news division and Hollywood fiction with all the news anchors trying to get on every late-night talk show they can. Is there anyone who believe these people anymore? I know I don’t. Nobody has brought more light to this than President Trump. It was so refreshing to finally see someone go after the press. They are simply too dishonest and are in fact the enemy of the people or certainly the enemy of the truth. They are fake news.


Chapter Ten

Steve Stoute’s book The Tanning of America talks about the multicultural America where the influence of the black community through music and other venues is celebrated, championed and embraced. The term The Swirl refers to interracial dating between blacks and whites and clearly that has been a growing trend that is also heralded as positive progress. The Swirl was made into a “docutainment” film that tackles interracial dating. However, the problem with The Swirl and The Tanning of America is it does not reflect the reality that most of the white community sees and experiences. The negative effects of these concepts glare brightly in the eyes of the Caucasian world. The black community can rave about how the Hip-Hop community is affecting commerce and fashion in this country, but for many whites, wearing your pants so low and walking around with your undergarments exposed is not a positive development in fashion. The problem with the tanning of America is the abject reality of watching the future and the lives of white women in white families being destroyed when they date black men. There, of course, is always exceptions, but let me just give you my own personal experience. I have four different women in my family from the younger generation date only black men. In most cases, there were undeniable patterns with the swirl even though they were in four different states across the country, living different lives. One pattern was most of the women had been beaten by the black male. Not a single one of them got married. The men barely worked a job and sat home smoking weed and playing video games, for the most part. Most of the women had to work full time to take care of the black males they were dating for a good portion of their relationships. All had babies’ out of wedlock. There was this common thread that the black men did not want their babies to be in the sun because they did not want the kid’s skin to get darker. So, socializing and going to parks and stuff was mostly forbidden. They rarely wanted to go out to dinner and constantly worried about the eyes of society upon them. All landed upon government assistance. There were drugs, guns and crimes possessed and committed by the black male they were dating. Most of the black males cheated on the women or was suspected of cheating but not officially caught. Now the politically correct society expects all of the white people, who have seen these kinds of things happen in their own family, to make believe none of it existed or that multiculturalism is some great thing.

My point of all of this is to say, that the white people are not going to believe the multicultural message. We are told, don’t believe your lying eyes. White people who have dealt with these issues in the real world cannot be fooled or convinced that we don’t have some real problems with the black community.

Moving on, racial events keep unfolding over time well passed the examples I have put forth in this book. Many more events between the communities have happened after these examples and will transpire again and again. Watching people from the press running around Baltimore in the Spring of 2015 for an example, when it burned, putting microphones in people’s face, inciting riots and stirring the race pot was alarming. The way the press ignored the truth that the Baltimore riot was the result of a group of high school students who watched the movie “The Purge” and wanted to act out their own version of the movie was Newspeak in real time. How the press allowed others to attach their politics and own meanings to what the riot represented was frightening. To this day, if you ask most people, they would tell you that Baltimore burned over the police arrest of Freddie Gray and the injuries he obtained in the police van.

The press knew that was not the reason the city burned and that it was the high school kids. However, they slowly shifted the true cause of the riot to racial divisions between law enforcement and the black community. People of all colors should not ignore the misleading nature of the press and how harmful it has been to peace in America. I know what Dr. Luther King Jr. dream was and I feel the yearning from many to see it come to pass. However, I just don’t believe that will ever happen in my lifetime. It is not because of slavery or racism in my opinion. It is not even because of the press and their fallacious shenanigans, even though they are making the situation worse. It is because America, as a whole, is just not ready yet.

White people need to apperceive that blacks were our slaves in this country and that stain and hatred have passed down from one generation to the next in both communities. I was told by a black friend of mine that every time he puts his black penis inside a white vagina, it is another notch on his belt of revenge for slavery. Now that might seem extreme to you, it is to me, but ignoring that factor his feelings do a disservice to racial harmony and the raw truth about things.

There are extremities on both sides. On the evening of June 17th, 2015 an evil, insane southern pride racist walked into the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, sat and prayed with strangers and then opened fire on everyone killing nine people. A young millennial for an affluent town called Lexington, South Carolina was disturbed about the events surrounding the Trayvon Martin trial when he was doing research on it. Now there is no excuse under the sun to pull a pernicious stunt like that mass slaughter, but what role does the press have in this? I say a big role.

On August 26, 2015, Alison Parker and Adam Ward were shot to death while conducting a live television interview. The news team was interviewing Vicki Gardner of the Chamber of Commerce when all three were shot by 41-year-old Vester Lee Flanagan II also known as Bryce Williams, a former reporter at the same WDBJ news station. The station fired Flanagan for disruptive conduct in 2013. Flanagan shot himself during a chase with police officers after the live TV shooting and died later at a hospital. Both Alison and Adam died as well, Vicki survived.

Now it is time to connect the dots. I was very disturbed to see the falsehoods put out around that Trayvon Martin Trial in real time personally. Imagine an unstable monster like Dylann Storm Roof and the effects on his twisted mind, when he combs through the results of the dishonest press coverage afterward in his research of the Trayvon Martin shooting. WDBJ reporter Jeff Burnside was fired by NBC for doctoring the tape of the 911 call from George Zimmerman. The doctored recordings included multiple deletions. Burnside removed intervening dialogue between Zimmerman and the dispatcher. He then juxtaposed unrelated content to make it appear that Zimmerman was a racist. It made it look like Zimmerman was racially profiling Trayvon Martin according to Michael Martinez at CNN and other reports and a lawsuit filed by Zimmerman.

There is a direct line from what happened in the George Zimmerman case to what happened at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. Dylann Roof was acting on the false information about George Zimmerman put out by Jeffrey Burnside of Dade County, who was reporting from Sanford to his station, NBC-owned WTVJ in Miami. That, in turn, triggered the shooting deaths at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. The mass shooting at the church then triggered another man to shoot Alison Parker and photojournalist Adam Ward, employees of CBS affiliate WDBJ in Roanoke, Virginia live on TV. The dots are in fact connected to and from Trayvon Martin and Dylann Roof to the double murder of news reporter Alison Parker and photojournalist Adam Ward. Indirectly, one news station’s actions in editing Zimmerman’s call to the police had a role in another newsroom employees getting murdered live on the air. However, you will never hear this connection spoke in the media, yet there it is as bright as the sun shining in a blue sky. The level of dishonesty and manipulation in the mainstream press was beyond misleading, it was deadly.

In the investigation that follows, it was revealed that the shooter, 41-year-old Vester Lee Flanagan II, also known as Bryce Williams, put down the deposit on the gun he used to kill the news people during a live broadcast, two days after the Emanuel Church shooting in South Carolina. There were reports of written statements made by Flanagan that stated he was motivated by, among other things, the Dylann Roof mass murder at the Emanuel Church.

Dylann Roof was disturbed by the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida when he researched misleading press reports about it and then shot up the church in South Carolina. Flanagan was disturbed by Roof shooting up the church in South Carolina and killed the news people live on TV in Virginia. The dots kept connecting.

The rippling effect of the press and the death that lays in its wake is crystal clear, yet not a single news source has reported this direct connection. No one is connecting the dots. Why? There is a direct line from the newsroom and person that was fired at NBC for editing the 911 call of George Zimmerman, falsely painting him as a racist, to the newsroom and news crew that got killed live on TV.

The blame lays with the gunmen and their behavior for those deaths, but that does not erase the correlation or the cause and effect from the media to these killings. When the press backed by the corporations abandons its role as a journalist and becomes a propagandist, then I must point this out and ask what is going on here? With this book, one thing is completely clear. Fake News Kills!

These are a collection of my thoughts and opinions. Look into it and tell me what you think.


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
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