Republican Party Attacks Safety Net Again

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Republican Party Attacks Safety Net Again

Watching the Republican Party go after Medicaid just reminds me why I hate the party. There are many people on the right who no longer are aligned with the party on most issues. I’m one of them. I don’t know anyone personally that wants to tear apart the country’s safety net. But there are these Republicans on TV as of late just itching to blow a hole in Medicaid.

There are still diehard Republicans that look at the safety net as welfare. Now be sure these same types do not apply their distinction of welfare to corporations or the war machine, which are the biggest welfare programs of them all. Nope, they target food stamps, healthcare and any of the many parts of the safety net for regular people. It is in your face evil, in the light of day, but they have no shame. There is no problem figuring out who they are. Their scarlet letter is R. You can find it right in front of their names.

Half the nation, if not more, are already on the safety net with Medicare, Food Stamps, Medicaid, The V.A. and the CHIP program just to name a few. The other half of the nation is tired of being ripped off by health insurance companies and are looking for relief. Our American companies are being crushed under the weight and cost to provide healthcare to their employees. It makes them less competitive in a global market when they compete against companies whose governments pay for healthcare.

Now I know that a lot of those single payer systems have complaints about them, but that is only because they have never been crippled under the American System of making a profit on people’s health and death. One year under the yoke of what we are doing would send them running back home apologizing. Back in American the first thing out of the box the Republican Party wanted to do once they obtained all the power was to destroy the safety net and transfer nearly a trillion dollars from Medicaid to tax relief for the rich.

We all know who we voted for with Trump. The man said he’d cover all the people no matter how it cost politically. That my dear reader is Medicare for All. That is what this country wants. We tried the Republicans way of rugged individualism and got taken to the cleaners by the health insurance scamps. Now we just want healthcare, not health insurance. We want Populism, not Conservationism. We want Trump, not Paul Ryan. We want Steve Bannon, not Mitch McConnell. We want our tax money to go to us not the rest of the world. We want to rebuild our nation and the middle class, not Wall Street portfolios. We are many and we are not going away.


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