Trump Report Card on Populism

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Listening to the political rabies of the mainstream press howl from their frothing mouths, I thought it might be time for a report card for President Trump from a Populist point of view. Maybe as an objectively minded supporter, I could take a real look at what he has accomplished and give him a fair grade five months into his reign.

  • The Border Wall – D (got a little funding but did not fight for wall in the first budget)
  • Making Mexico pay for the wall – F (not a single red cent yet)
  • Repealing Obamacare – F (complete failure)
  • Replacing Obamacare – F (complete failure)
  • Tax Cuts – F (complete failure)
  • Tax Reform – F (complete failure)
  • Infrastructure – D (couple of Pipelines)
  • Getting out of TPP – A (Trans-Pacific Partnership)
  • Getting out of Paris Agreement – A
  • Deregulation – B (good start but not repealing Obamacare day one, major broken promise)
  • Getting rid of common core education – F
  • Save Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security without cutting benefits – F (going along with Congress to cut Medicaid is a massive betrayal)
  • Prosecute Hillary Clinton – F (let her go, so much for locking her up)
  • Impose new taxes on many imports into the country – F
  • Creating new jobs – C (too soon to tell)

It pains me and others to look at this list. He was our guy. We had so much hope invested in him that he would focus on America. Instead, he is being dragged by the conservatives in the Republican Party to go right. The NEOCONS have his ear. Trump is ramping up the war machine and getting ready for more war in the middle east. Somehow the populist we sent to Washington has become the globalist.

His inability to get out of his own way for his agenda is ongoing. His agenda is shape-shifting faster than Ann Coulter can tweet about it. His words sound populist, but his actions are strictly conservative. I still hold out for the hope that he turns the economy around. I’ll really judge him after his four years is up. However, the first five months were not what I thought it was going to be. Until he stands up to his own party, he will be doomed.

From a Populist point of view and based on the agenda he was elected on, President Trump gets a solid F. I’m sure he does much better from a conservative point of view, but that is not who sent him to the White House.


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
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