Republican Party on the Wrong Side of Healthcare

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Watching this train wreck from afar has been quite painful. The Republican Party ran around for seven years screaming about getting rid of the ACA and replacing it with something and now they are stuck. They seem to be collectively self-unaware of how this looks to the rest of us. They should be dripping with embarrassment and scared to show their faces in public. Yet, somehow they walk among us completely unaware of their failure and how they are hurting real people who need healthcare.

Just to illustrate how prodigious their failures are in this regard, look how popular they have made Obamacare now. Their suggestions of a new system as brought forth by the House of Representatives sent millions screaming to just fix the ACA and stop the full-scale repeal. The party singlehandedly made the most unpopular law in modern history, popular. That was quite a feat.

They do not see any off this and they travel on the endless path of collective failure unabated with reality. What they seem not to understand is that the nation has moved on and is looking for a single payer healthcare system. Also, among the people that believe in this are center-right Republicans. We have seen that half the nation is covered by social programs such as Medicaid, Medicare, The V.A. and the CHIP Program. So the other half of the nation, that has been ripped off by insurance companies, wants their healthcare too. They do not want health insurance. Hell, they don’t even want that industry to exist. The Republican Party turns itself into knots trying to make sure these companies can profit on our health. It is insanity and political suicide.

The country has moved on and the only people that are trying to hold on to the old way are Baby Boomers and some Gen Xers that have been infected by the Boomer madness. The Millennials by far and in huge numbers wants social programs including health care. There is nothing and I mean nothing that is going to stop this sea-change from happening. The Republican Party could not be further away from the next great voting bloc if they tried. They are on the wrong side of the people once again. They have learned nothing from the worldwide populist movement. It will be the death of the party by a thousand ideological cuts. I know of nothing that is more predictable.


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet
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