Jimmy Kimmel and Donald Trump

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So Jimmy did this thing on his show that was completely unavoidable. I was one of those human beings that did not want to see it. Everyone was talking about it and my wife said I would cry. Well, that is not something I want to indulge in, crying. I do not want to feel sad. I certainly do not want to be in tears the night I watched it. However, it just seemed to be unavoidable. The entire nation was speaking about it. I had to see what it was all about.

It was not three minutes and I was in total tears. Tears only a parent could possibly understand. Tears not available to others without children. Not this time. This public display of fatherhood had no place in the world of people with no kids. This time it was for us. It was for us with children. I watched the whole damn thing and saw what the hubbub was about. I sat there with tears in my eyes because I was once in this scary place. Many parents, for many different reasons, have been in this kind of place. To see it so publicly, was something I had never watched before live on TV.

So in the end, Jimmy made it about pre-existing conditions and health insurance in America. It was a complete scream out to Trump. Either he signed a health care bill that does or does not cover this situation that Jimmy was dealing with. What others were dealing with that were not famous. It was about whether or not Trump would sign a bill that would leave some children out in the cold depending on which state they live in or whether or not their state would opt out of covering human beings with preexisting conditions.

Jimmy scream out to all of us is a wake-up moment to stop what the Freedom Caucus is doing to our nation. This is a small group of people in the House of Representatives that care more about dollars and cents than they do about Jimmy Kimmel’s kid. They can try to shape that reality in other ways, but what they do with this is just evil. The rest of us do not see it that way. We do not want anyone in America to go without complete health coverage. Please watch the movie Sicko by Michael Moore. If you do not, then you have no business debating the subject of healthcare. That is advice from the right of the political spectrum. That is from me.


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