Hysterical Media and the Madness

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Hysterical Media and the Madness

For eight years, during the lawless presidency of Barack Obama, the mainstream media lay silent like the dormant cicadas that lay speechless for years burrowed in their holes in Washington D.C. and the surrounding counties. The mainstream press hide out as the Obama years unfolded. Of course this allowed an era of nobody being held accountable for anything. It was a political and criminal orgy that spanned nearly a decade.

Then, like the “true bugs” they are, the insectile press corps wakes up from their slumber to feed and breed in the era of Trump. Just like the cicadas, they are everywhere. You can see them buzzing around your TV sets, mobile device screens and even on the trees that are now turned into newspapers.

Watching them feed on all things Trump is a sight to see. We forget how hungry they have been in their dormant state. During that sleep, they do not care about the law. There is no anti-war protests as their leader sits at his desk and picks each day who will die from a drone attack. There is no interest of Gun Running and Fast and Furious is just a movie to them. Their leader, Obama, is worshiped from their tiny holes in the ground where they lay. Cicadas live almost their entire lives in the ground and, at the right time, they pop up and feast. Well, the Trump era is the smorgasbord that the press will feed on. Otherwise, they lay dormant during Democrat Presidential years.

President Trump’s firing of Director Comey of the FBI sent the swarms into a state of frenzy. The News Bugs went bat shit and it is a sight for sore eyes. Their thundering hypocrisy no longer hides in the shadows of semantics, but rather lives now out in the light of day. However, like any insect that should not fly too close to the light, the press corps is exposed. The light draws the bugs towards their eventual deaths. In this case, the death is Journalism.


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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