Evil in Action: House Votes to Exempt Themselves from Healthcare First

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House Votes to Exempt Themselves from Healthcare First

Evil in Action: House Votes to Exempt Themselves from Healthcare. Those dirty rotten bastards in the Republican and Democrat Party in the House of Representatives first voted to exempt themselves from their heartless law. How we allow this is beyond me. We pay them a good salary every year to do these kinds of things to us. After they push forward this Obamacare-lite bill, then they go and take another vacation! They just got back from a two-week Easter Break and now they go on vacation again! And yes, we paid them good money to do this to us.

Instead of just appealing Obamacare and staying the hell out of healthcare, the Republicans write up their own version of government healthcare and claim that is not that kind of bill. The bill itself is evil. Their actions on all of it are nefarious. The unintended results will be odious and pernicious. Obamacare made health insurance unaffordable for over fifty million people to give over twenty million people free actual healthcare through Medicaid. So Obamacare was a mess. Ryancare will just knock those tens of millions of people off of Medicaid and people still will not be able to afford health insurance. It is a ridiculous dichotomy. It gives states a way to opt out of preexisting conditions and some other evil crap.

I’m for Medicare for all and nothing short of that. So until the Millennial generation takes over, that won’t happen. I’ll be too old to give a shit. But make no mistake, that generation will do that. As for my generation, Generation X, well Ryancare will hit us hard on the premiums. They already admit that about the bill. It will be curious to see what the Senate will do to the bill, but I am looking for the silver-lining in all of this. Tax cuts and infrastructure up next! Yes, the Trump Agenda! Remember that?

With all that being said, it was nice to see the president get a win. It was refreshing to see the Republican Party function again as an entity. It reminded me why I support the president. I think, in the end, the man is going to get big things done. I just cannot wait until we get to taxes and letting this man build some stuff. However, this was very encouraging to see a president work with the congress once again.


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