Trump Cleaning Up the Mess Obama Left Behind

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When President Trump says he was left with a mess, he is not kidding. Barack Obama left so many messes behind, on so many levels, that it could take years to clean it up. It is becoming more clear each day the abject failure that was the Obama Presidency. It was hard to understand the scope of the regulation blanket that was choking out so many businesses across so many industries. Now we are starting to realize why we had eight years of no growth. The former president simply did not know what he was doing.

Now we have a successful businessman that is going through one governmental agency after the other, cleaning up Obama failures. I mean, we all remember Obama couldn’t even get a website up and the man had no idea how to run a country. President Trump is like a surgeon saving a dying patient by cutting out one cancer after the other. The stain of failure of the Obama presidency is vast and covers government from end to end. Everything the man touched went to shit and this is his huge mess that is now being attended to.

America suffered for so long that everybody wants it all fixed now. It is unfair to President Trump to expect him to undo eight years of folly overnight. President Trump has been handed one of the biggest messes handed to an American President in history. Not only does our president have to deal with the catastrophic failure of his predecessor, but he also has to deal with one incredible fact. Barack Obama is the only president anyone has known, who actively tries to sabotage his successor. He will go down as one of the most classless presidents our nation has ever seen. He caused so many problems for President Trump. Obama tried on many levels to cause trouble and problems for the next president. That is very clear now and becoming more and more succinct.

Now, as a former president, he will not leave politics or Washington and is actively doing things behind the scenes to take down the Trump Presidency. The former president is a complete disgrace and the mainstream media is still in his pocket performing his so-called resistance. Anything short of putting Bill and Hilary Clinton, Susan Rice and Obama in prison for a multitude of crimes, will not stop this bunch. Inside and out, our government is at war with itself. We are coming out of an age of such lawlessness and lies. But understand one thing. Apperceive this. We are coming out if it.

C. Rich
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